US Condemns Rwanda for Bombing Goma Airport on Friday Night.

Hutu population of Rwanda BEING USED AS CANNON FODDER. 70% of rank and file soldiers in Rwandan military are Hutu. Rwandan Tutsi elite laugh that they can still kill Hutus so easily

Source: Africa Insider

19 Feb 2024

A statement from the U.S. State Department called on M23 to cease hostilities immediately and withdraw from its current positions around Sake and Goma. “The United States condemns Rwanda’s support for the M23 armed group,” the statement said. It called on Rwanda to immediately withdraw all of its military personnel from the DRC and remove surface-to-air missile systems, saying these threatened the lives of civilians, U.N. and other regional peacekeepers, humanitarian workers and commercial flights in eastern DRC. Rwanda denies supporting the rebels.

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