US Col. Richard Black: “Never Closer to Nuclear War”

on the presidency of Barak Obama – ” The fact is he went on through his time in office,to prove to be one of the most cruel, perverse and blood-thirsty presidents in our history. He launched unprovoked wars against Lybia, against Syria, against the poor tribesmen of Yemen and then he set up the groundwork for a great war against Russia which would take place in Ukraine. He gave the go-ahead to the CIA and MI6 to conduct an extraordinary violent coup in Kiev in which they over-threw the duly elected president of Ukraine, Viktor Fedorovych Yanukovych .

Former head of the Criminal Law Division at the Pentagon and a retired state senator in Virginia, Col. Richard Black is a staunch opponent of America`s regime change wars. He played a vital role in exposing NATO`s criminal war in Syria through its support of the `moderate rebels` and continues to speak out against the war-mongering of US foreign policy and the moral decay within a once great nation.

Source: Schiller Institute

Mike Billington of Executive Intelligence Review ( interviews U.S. Col. Richard Black (…) on the tremendous danger of nuclear war. Join the Schiller Institute conference on February 4 to address the nature of the crisis and outline a solution

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