Tshisekedi is Turning the Tables

Tshisekedi is Turning the Tables in Favour of Congo

by PD Lawton 29 January 2023

President of the DRC, Felix Tshisekedi, is turning the political tables of the Great Lakes, in classic Mobutu style.

The DRC government in recent times began calling a spade a spade, in naming Rwanda as the destabilizing force in its eastern provinces of Ituri, North Kivu and South Kivu. Pres. Tshisekedi has openly said that Rwanda is backing the rebel militia, M23. And the international community appears to be echoing him.

This is something new.

He could, of course, go one step further and say that M23 is not a rebel militia, it is the professional army of Rwanda.

The EU contributes to Rwanda`s armed forces. The payments are passed by Brussels under  The War on Terror pretext. The Rwandan military have the contract in Cabo Delgado, northern Mozambique, to quell the insurgency that is hindering development of the world`s largest natural gas reserve. Simultaneously, London is funneling cash to Kagame with its patently ludicrous asylum seeker processing center. Up to 80% of the `asylum seekers` crossing the Channel to the UK are young Albanian men who choose to pay human traffickers exorbitant sums and enter the UK without documentation rather than use their EU passports and get an Easy Jet flight to Heathrow for £28.

Rwanda is the largest recipient of UK foreign aid which in part is how it props up its fake miracle economy 

Up until this point there has been a politically accepted silence from all African governments as to Rwanda being militarily involved in eastern Congo and as to Pres. Kagame`s role in the 1994 genocide. They have always known. They have always known that it was Kagame`s RPF that committed the atrocities and in fact killed more Hutu than Tutsi.

All this was done with the collusion of the Clinton/Blair  Intelligence networks and London operatives like Ted Dagne, Roger Winter, Eric Reeves and John Prendergast.

U.S. State Department special envoy to Sudan Roger Winter, Sudan researcher Professor Eric Reeves, Co-Founder of Enough project John Prendergast and former congressional aide Ted Dagne

The same operatives that created `Save Darfur` and under  R2P ( Responsibility 2 Protect) supported John Garang and the creation of South Sudan. Glencore instantly received a 40% stake in the newly created South Sudan`s oil reserves, by the way.

They have always known that Kagame ran the genocide and that by the grace of God and Russia`s intervention at the UN Security Council, he would have turned Burundi into another theatre of gore in 2015 when the Western oligarchy and its London operatives wanted to impose R2P on Burundi and a regime change from the stalwart of a Burundian president, the late Pierre Nkurunziza. Why? Because there is more nickel in Burundi than there is in eastern Congo, discovered in around 2010. The `humanitarian` excuse was the plight of the Tutsi communities in Burundi, the same pretext  that Kagame has used since 1994 for his incursions into DRC, protection of the Banyamulenge community.

President Tshisekedi was inaugurated in 2018. His predecessor was Rwanda`s candidate, former president Joseph Kabila, who kept quiet and was complicit in Rwanda plundering the mineral resources in the eastern provinces and who kept quiet about the terrorism conducted on the towns and villages of North Kivu, South Kivu and Ituri, a particularly sadistic type of civilian terrorism perpetrated to make the inhabitants flee.

Tshisekedi came in offering the hand of peace and mutual benefit of Congo minerals to Rwanda and Uganda in return for stability and a fair deal. Kagame and his generals were too greedy to accept his offer. They have instead, accelerated their terrorist operations in DRC in an attempt to create another bloodbath which would have led to an all-out humanitarian disaster, requiring further foreign occupation ( General Dallaire and Madeleine Albright style) and overseeing of the region by the NATO alliance within the United Nations.

Instead, MONUSCO, the UN (some call occupying) force are being asked to leave North Kivu.In May 2021 the Congo government put North Kivu and Ituri under martial government, presumably to oust a colluding political elite. It is a successful operation by and large. The Congolese armed forces have been purged, by and large, of its traitors and now is with Russian military training, a formidable regional force that is protecting its population and borders.

Mobutu Sese Seko ruled despotically from 1965-1997. Installed by the CIA and the likes of Maurice Tempelsman, he played both colors on the Grand Chessboard and thoroughly enjoyed doing so. Now we have the Davos crowd and its associated press suddenly standing in solidarity with Congo. What a turn-up for the books!

Did Pres. Tshisekedi lay down some new rules? Did he tell  them- you scratch my back and just maybe I will scratch yours, because from now on  if you want Congo`s minerals, they won`t come via Kigali.

We can now look forward to the demise of Kagame as the regional hegemon and Rwanda being the Israel of the Great Lakes. We can look forward to Rwanda returning to be the beautiful country of a thousand hills that it was before 1994, when all the countries of the Great Lakes shared that truly African value of fellowship.



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