Transaqua is not the Goal, the Overall Plan is the Goal

Transaqua is not the goal, the overall plan is the goal

by PD Lawton     04 March 2018

Back in the day when the kings, queens and elites, the oligarchy of Europe, were colonizing Africa, they needed a legal premise on which to base their real estate activities. To give a veneer of legality and respectability to the colonial acquisition of the African continent they came up with a term called `terra nullius`.

As originally conceived by the Spanish jurist Vittoria, terra nullius was narrowly construed to denote only land that was utterly devoid of human population. The colonizing power which discovered such lands was able to acquire sovereignty by establishing effective occupation of the territory, in the sense of creating an organised form of colonial government………….

Even by 1800, there were few parts of the world that were entirely unoccupied by human beings. This proved an inconvenient demographic truth for European governments, since it seemed to remove the possibility of using occupation as a means to gain sovereignty of colonised lands. The solution adopted was not to abandon occupation, but to bolster its utility by redefining the concept of terra nullius to include lands whose indigenous peoples were not `civilised` in the European sense……”[1]

The colonial powers met the requirements of this law by eradicating much of central , east and west Africa`s history, historically significant buildings, palaces, temples and anything that could be denoted as signs of civilization. Magnificent cities were destroyed, the trade routes that must have once connected a once thriving African interior were laid to ruin and much of Africa`s past obliterated.

The oligarchs of today in their financial towers, want the African interior to remain a great undeveloped hinterland, war torn, poverty -ridden and an economic basket case for all but a handful in the extractive industries. To such people Transaqua is a nightmare, one single development project that on its gargantuan scale can revolutionize the entire heartland of the continent.

Transaqua started as an idea, a solution that would bring harmony and prosperity through economic development from the Democratic Republic of Congo to the drought ridden Sahel. Today that dream is  becoming reality. If fully implemented the Transaqua Plan for the Replenishment of Lake Chad will transform the African interior and thereby the lives and futures of millions upon millions of people.

Transaqua is not a product of an imperialist mind. Transaqua is the antidote. It is Africa`s ticket to modernization.

More than 30 years ago the wife of the American political economist, Lyndon LaRouche, founded the Schiller Institute to combat imperialism and the epidemic of evils that it has sunk the world into. Mrs Helga Zepp LaRouche is the origin of Transaqua. She, her husband and the handful of people who have resolutely stood by them through Lyndon LaRouche`s imprisonment, through the multitude of dirty tricks played against them, constitute the longest standing resistance to imperialism that we thankfully have. The economic theory devised by Lyndon LaRouche is the greatest threat to the hegemony of our evil, corrupt and stinking financial system that keeps 85% of humanity out of the economy.

Central to finally overcoming imperialism is the Chinese administration of Pres. Xi Jinping who has embraced the largest of the Schiller Institute`s proposed global economic solutions, the New Silk Road. In less than 6 years, China has not only embraced this dream but begun implementing it. The New Silk Road is now becoming a tidal wave of international co-operation, an avalanche of nations wanting to join with China and re-write the history of our humanity in a new paradigm that is the death knell of an old paradigm of war, poverty and human suffering.

The very same oligarchical powers that carved up the continent of Africa in 1884 still constitute the imperial mind-set of the Western financial control grid. For that reason Transaqua has been opposed by the IMF and World Bank for the very reason that Transaqua is the solution to the economic transformation of the entire African interior.

The imperial mind-set wants us to believe in limitation, in scarcity, in debt, in our lack of ability to radically change the status quo. That mind-set wants us to spend our futures fighting like dogs over the scraps that fall from their table.

The idea of the scarcity of resources is a key part of maintaining the dog-eat-dog world so loved by the imperialists, the geopolititians. If they can induce people from different nations, or religions, or tribes, or even villages, to think they must protect “their scarce resources” from outsiders, then they can use the “permanent war” which results to keep people from discovering their common, universal qualities.

Transaqua will require that all participating nations work together for the common aims of Africa. If they can do that and overcome the foreign imposed regional conflicts and identity politics then a large part of neo-colonialism will be eradicated once and for all.

Transaqua is not just about filling a dying lake in the Sahel , it is not just about using the unharnessed waters of the Congo River for a project up north.

Transaqua is a revolution.



[1] `By Due Process of Law`, Ian Loveland (1999)





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