The Southwest Monsoon — More Erratic?

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The Southwest Monsoon — More Erratic?

Guest Essay by Kip Hansen — 10 October 2022

The Monsoon.  Life Giving.  Life Taking. Bringing both joy and sorrow to all of India.  As always has.  It is believed by some that India’s history has been determined by the monsoon and its variability over time.  Prayers are said to the goddess Mariamman to bring a favorable monsoon.

India’s monsoon is the most important meteorological event in India every year — a good monsoon means good crops and prosperity for millions of farmers and is a such major factor in India’s economic well-being that it is predicted, tracked and reported by India’s central bank.

But while India’s monsoon can be fairly accurately predicted, it is not always the same year-to-year, region-to-region or place-to-place.

Some years it rains too much in one place and too little in another.  Some years are drought years and some are flood years.  Some years are both.

Henry Fountain, a Times climate reporter, and Saumya Khandelwal claim in a recent NY Times feature piece that:

“The Monsoon Is Becoming More Extreme — South Asia’s monsoon is inextricably linked, culturally and economically, to much of Asia. Climate change is making it increasingly violent and erratic.”

This is a special “interactive” feature, meaning that interesting effects have been created by a special graphics team at the NY Times.  Check it out at the link given above.  Unfortunately, like many before it, it is, at its most basic, “pretty pictures used as propaganda”.

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