The Rwandan Asylum

The Rwandan Asylum

Is Kagame still London`s toothpick?

by PD Lawton     8 October 2022

For anyone who doubts the intimate relationship between President for Life Paul Kagame and the City of London, let us go back to the summer of 2015.

Rwanda`s Chief Intelligence Officer, General Karenzi Karake, landed at Heathrow Airport in June 2015 on official business for the Rwandan government. Spanish authorities promptly arrested him for war crimes connected to the 1994 genocide.
Of all the defense lawyers who should come running to his aid and fight his extradition to Spain, but the wife of Tony Blair.

The Kagames and the Blairs enjoyed a close relationship back in the early days of the RPF`s government as it was hailed as the miraculous saviour of Rwandans lucky enough to still be alive, a narrative that the West firmly sticks to as long as it suits them. Their relationship is still firm but less advertized.

Now the British government has chosen Rwanda as the location for an out of country asylum seeker processing facility.

Why did they choose Rwanda? Why not Nigeria or South Africa or Sierra Leone or indeed a non African country such as Turkey? Given that the majority of asylum seekers entering the UK without visas are from Syria and Afghanistan why not pay a country nearer the origin of most asylum seekers? The second highest group in numbers seeking asylum in the UK are Albanians. Albania is a member of the European Union so why not set up a facility there?

By plane it is under 2000km from the UK to Albania and it is 6,500km from the UK to Rwanda. Rwanda is one of the smallest African countries and highly populated. The asylum facility would have to cater for tens of thousands as thousands of illegal immigrants cross the Channel from France to the UK every week, with a record number recently of 1,295 in just one day.

Despite Kagame`s regular criticism of the West and his Pan African stance, he is still content to invest his own money in the Arsenal Football Club.

We know that Rwanda is a curious choice for a processing centre and we know that there are close ties between Kagame and the British establishment. Those ties involve a conspiracy which began with the assassination of Cyprien Ntaryamira and Juvénal Habyarimana, presidents of Burundi and Rwanda, in 1994. The aim of the conspiracy between Paul Kagame, who trained at Fort Leavenworth (in the days when he met with the Clintons) and the rest of the City of London-Wall Street network, was to gain control over the mineral resources of Eastern Congo through low intensity terrorism/ destabilization, with the future goal of annexation.

Rwanda effectively controls the economy of Eastern Congo. It is entirely a blackmarket economy which is why there is no infrastructure, no institutions and no public services to speak of. The lucrative trade in rare earth metal such as coltan goes on 24/7 and is flown from regional airports ( there are airports but no roads) to Kigali and Uganda.

The mining houses that benefit are almost entirely British Commonwealth based and traded through the City of London and its American counter part, Wall Street.

Rwanda is hailed as the Singapore of Africa and yet its apparent economic success is smoke and mirrors. It is a foreign aid, mostly British, sponsored economy. It is the largest recipient in Africa of UK tax-payers money.

British aid to Rwanda peaked just before 2014. It can not be a coincidence that 2014 marked an escalation in violence in North Kivu by M23 which is a militia group backed by Rwanda.

It is therefore reasonable to presume that the decision to make Rwanda an immigration reception centre has no purpose other than to be a cash conduit to Kagame as foreign aid policies are being phased out.

Kagame and those that surround him are like pilot fish that hang around the big shark waiting to glean scraps from its teeth. Kagame is still the City of London`s toothpick.


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