The Old Imperial anti-Human Policy

” This has been the long term goal of these elites and if you want to put it in the realm of religion, these are actually satanic people.They are evil, they don`t like human beings.”

“there`s nothing more important than putting in the hands of the American people the evidence which shows that there was an effort made at the highest levels of the Obama administration, co-ordinated with the Clintons, directed by British intelligence to keep Donald Trump out of the White House………….Once you start piecing this together, what you can show is that this also goes back to the whole phony War on Terror, the whole Bush operation which really pushed FISA into the forefront, the targetting by the National Security Agency of everybody`s emails and phone conversations, the establishment of a security state in the United States. And this is what Trump is fighting. You know, he`s not just fighting to save his office. He came in with an intention. And his intention was to break the back of the Bush, Obama, Clinton security policy which was based on wars, based on regime change, based on protecting the swindlers and speculators of the global banks.”

Source: X22 Report Spotlight

Time To Declas FISA To Unite The People:Harley Schlanger

Published on 18 Dec 2018

Today’s Guest: Harley Schlanger


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