The Maritime Silk Road: Past, Present, and Future

This very interesting and informative discussion on the Maritime Silk Road, highlights the necessity for each and every country to have a national development plan that will make the New Silk Road/Belt and Road Initiative a success. As Mr Askary says, Ethiopia is one of the top performers in how it is structuring its national development plan so as to facilitate trade and economic development with the BRI.

The old Silk Road was an exchange, not just of goods, but an interaction between different cultures, neighbours and an exchange of technologies. In those times it was silk and paper,mathematics, astronomy, navigation.

China intends for the BRI to be a uniting force in a multi-polar world.

Source: BRIX Sweden

Podcast #8 – The Maritime Silk Road: Past, Present, and Future

16 March 2021

A new podcast of the Belt and Road Institute in Sweden (BRIX) sails on a voyage through the Maritime Silk Road, with Professor Richard Griffiths Director of the New Silk Roads Project at the International Institute of Asian Studies at Leiden University, the Netherlands. In this interview with Hussein Askary, Professor Griffiths explains the genesis of the Maritime Silk Road of the 21st Century and its historical parallels and potential development in the future.

The Silk Roads Project:

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