‘The green agenda we’re being sold is absolutely not green` Neil Oliver

If you were going to set out deliberately to ensure the poorest people in the world, poorest countries, were kept in murderous poverty or newly cast into that hell, then you would deny them access to cheap energy while simultaneously undermining the ability of the developed world to produce and distribute the food surplus that might keep them alive in the meantime. Those are precisely and unavoidably the consequences of Net Zero and the rest of the nonsense that will be preached at COP27.

“It is about gifting the planet to the few.”

“The shadows behind Thunberg are the rich, the ultra-rich

The sock puppets of Just Stop Oil are financed in part with millions of dollars by the granddaughter of oil tycoon J Paul Getty

What we are witnessing is an unholy inversion of the human and humane urge to offer help to fellow travellers along a road that`s already too hard for billions. Upon that road we have lost our way”

Editor: Neil refers to the Ethiopian famine which was under the TPLF government

Source: GBNews

Neil Oliver: ‘The green agenda we’re being sold is absolutely not green’

5 November 2022

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