Tanzania`s Rural Electrification Program

an informative and positive video on how Tanzania`s Rural Electrification Program is transforming the rural economy! Children are achieving higher grades because they can study in the evening, businesses can operate after dark, clinics can treat patients at night, refrigeration is keeping goods fresh for longer, entrepreneurs can now do more at lower cost…..

Source: Energy 4 Impact

How electricity can transform rural communities

30 September 2019

Electricity is an important input in social and economic development. This video has been produced by Energy 4 Impact and the Tanzania Council for Social Development to inform people in newly electrified villages in Tanzania about the benefits and income generating opportunities arising from electricity access. This initiative forms part of the Tanzania Rural Energy Agency’s community-based energy education programme, designed to increase the uptake of electricity in areas characterised by low levels of connections and consumption, due to lack of information. By improving consumer’s awareness of requirements, procedures, benefits, costs and usage of electricity to power businesses, education and health infrastructure, the Rural Energy Agency hopes to increase the number of connections, enhance the performance of rural electrification projects and drive development in rural communities.


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