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US making biological weapons around world: Report

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Thu Feb 22, 2018 10:45AM
The file photo shows Bacillus Thuringiensis bacteria.
The file photo shows Bacillus Thuringiensis bacteria.

A recent report has claimed that the US Army frequently makes lethal viruses, bacteria, and toxins in blatant violation of the United Nations Convention on the

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Historic settlement reached in silicosis case

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Sick miners to get up to R500k

Historic settlement reached in silicosis case

From Thom Pierce’s The Price of Gold: Leseli Kompi is the 19-year-old son of Maphatsoe Kompi who died in October 2013 from TB at the age of 63. His mother … Read the rest

Award Winning Book on the HIV/Aids Paradigm – Now Available in French!

Dr Nancy Turner Banks is one of a number of truly courageous individuals from within the medical and scientific communities,  who has resolutely campaigned for the truth to be revealed as to what exactly it means to be HIV positive and the history of the entire AIDS paradigm. Her award … Read the rest

Drugs, Pharmaceutical and Recreational – Destroying Society – a deliberate policy

This is an excellent documentary from LaRouchePac which explains that the kings of the global drugs trade are the big banks of Wall Street and the City of London.

At 8:19 in the video, Deborah Freeman explains how Big Pharma created both the supply AND demand for opiate based medication … Read the rest

Rethinking the Science of AIDS

excellent interview with Dr Nancy Banks. Topics included are genocide in the DRC, Ebola, underlying reasons for disease in the African continent, who and what has benefited from AIDS in South Africa.Her website can be found here:


Source: Connor Analyst

Sofia Smallstorm Interviews Dr. Nancy Banks

Published on 23
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