South Africa`s Energy Security: It Is Imperative To Plan For The Future

This is an exceptionally brilliant and informative presentation by Dr Anthonie Cilliers. Anyone concerned about the future of South Africa needs to watch this.

The platform for the presentation was provided by the Free Market Foundation.

Source: ChannelFMF

FMF Energy Briefing – Dr. Anthonie Cilliers

Published on 6 Dec 2018

The Draft 2018 Integrated Resource Plan (IRP2018) has split the energy community apart in an ugly acrimonious debate, including personal attacks and accusations of malicious dishonesty. Dr. Cilliers argues that:
– The IRP2018 is flawed in profound and fatal respects, based on faulty assumptions about inter alia:
the levelised cost of electricity (LCOE),
the cost of finance, and
the environmental impact of “renewables”.
– It calls on the government to put all its energy eggs in a single highly dubious energy basket in an uncertain world, instead of a rationally balanced energy mix.
– Its vision is of permanent economic stagnation and unemployment, instead of prosperity for all.
– It envisages rendering our immense coal and nuclear wealth valueless, and reliance instead on inefficient, costly and unreliable imported technology, gas and hydro-power.

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