South Africans Demand Removal of Globalist Puppets: De Ruyter and Gordhan

For years  Eskom as a State owned enterprise, has been under constant attack to render it non-functional and therefor ripe for privatization to some of the wealthiest Globalists. See previous articles on this website under the Eskom tag. Current CEO of Eskom, Andre de Ruyter, is heading South Africa to the neo-feudal Globalist/WEF vision of the Great Reset, keep the poor poor and the rich rich.

At a recent event the Congress of SA Students, from Wits University,

called for the resignation of both Gordhan and Eskom CEO Andre de Ruyter. They also wanted Eskom to be put under Mineral Resources and Energy Minister Gwede Mantashe and for government to move away from partnerships with the private sector”.

Minister Gwede Mantashe, unlike the Globalist ideologues, is fighting tooth and nail for South Africa to continue using its abundant coal reserves and expand the nuclear program to increase energy supply.

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