South Africa: Mantashe Continues to Fight for Energy Sovereignty

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“You will know that we are working on a request for proposals for 2 500 MW of nuclear and sites have been identified . . . therefore we are hoping that at a point we will have more nuclear power around us.”

He even argued that nuclear should be considered to be part of the “green transition”.

Mantashe says release of ‘IRP 2023’ for comment is imminent

Minister Gwede Mantashe

Mineral Resources and Energy Minister Gwede Mantashe reports that an updated version of the Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) for electricity will be released imminently for public consideration.

Responding to a question posed by the Democratic Alliance’s Kevin Mileham during a Portfolio Committee on Mineral Resources and Energy as to why the revised IRP had not been released by the end of March as promised, Mantashe said the “rough IRP framework has been completed, it is going to be opened for discussion”.

“We’re late, as we said the end of March . . . it is going to happen now.

“We are pushing very hard on it,” Mantashe said, labelling the new document “IRP 2023” and arguing that the revision from IRP 2019 was in line with the call for regular updates to the plan.

“It will come, it’s not out yet, Honourable Mileham, my apologies, but we are working on it.”

Mantashe did not offer any indication as to the nature of the revisions, but speaking during a meeting convened specifically for lawmakers to receive an update on the Koeberg nuclear power station’s Long-term Operation (LTO) application, he again made the case for additional nuclear.

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