Solidarity Against the Banks and the Oligarchy, the Rulers of Darkness

presenter Ian R Crane in an excellent talk in which he translates the speech given by a French doctor in solidarity with the Gilets Jaunes, who vocalizes the concerns of millions of Europeans. Also discussed : the imprisonment of David Noakes for producing a chemical compound proven highly effective in the treatment of cancer.


Source: Ian R Crane

HUMANITY vs INSANITY #112 : The Madness of Corporatocracy

Streamed live 15 hours ago

– FREXIT & Gilet Jaune : A French Doctor Speaks out
– Treaty of Aachan : The attempt to establish Franco-Germany
– 5G & Active Denial Weaponary
– The UN General Secretary gets an education on 5G
– David Noakes (Still in JAIL) & GcMAF
– Ben Gilroy JAILED for telling the TRUTH about the Irish Judiciary
– What really happened at Hillsborough on 15th April 1989?

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