Rwandan 2024 Elections : Padri Thomas NAHIMANA

re posted from                            Government of Rwanda in Exile ( GREX)

THE GOVERNMENT OF THE RWANDAN PEOPLE OPERATING FROM EXILE, in its’ Cabinet Meeting, which was held this last Sunday, on October 8th, 2023.

After re-examining with exceptional meticulousness and thoroughness: Rwanda’s distant and recent history, which shows that the RPF-Inkotanyi single-party government has restored a regime similar to that of feudal monarchy, under which Rwandan citizens, have once again been reduced to the state of bondage, submissive body and soul to the ruling class ; that many Rwandan people have been subjected to unacceptable injustices, recurring assassinations; alarming disappearances, arbitrary imprisonments, unjust confiscation of property and goods, wild destruction of homes, uprooting of food crops and other similar wrongdoings, which demonstrate that Rwandans have been deprived of almost all their fundamental rights.

THE RWANDAN GOVERNMENT OPERATING FROM EXILE appoints and announces to the public that Padri Thomas NAHIMANA, its current President, as its CANDIDATE for the UPCOMING 2024 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS IN RWANDA.

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