Pres. Kagame Appears Shifty and Uncomfortable in Interview

Kagame is the self-appointed president-for-life of Rwanda,  making a mockery of democracy. Here he is last year with his City of London sponsors

He accuses Congo of backing the FDLR. The FDLR ( Force Democratique de la Liberation du Rwanda) has been Kagame`s pretext for invading Congo since 1994. In fact, the Rwandan military under Kagame has killed an estimated 5-8 million Congolese since 1994.

Kagame says President Tshisekedi is calling for his removal from government. Tshisekedi says it is Kagame who is the problem. There will be many millions of Rwandans thanking God for giving President Tshisekedi the courage to speak out. The Rwandan army is largely comprised of conscripted young men from  desperately poor rural Rwanda who do not want to fight their Congolese brothers. Rwanda will celebrate the glorious day Kagame is no longer their dictator president.

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