Open Letter to President Donald Trump : Now It Is Urgent for You to Come to South Africa


Open Letter to President Donald Trump

Now, It Is Urgent for You to Come to South Africa


Ramasimong Phillip Tsokolibane 28 August 2018

As leader of the LaRouche movement in South Africa,I renew my invitation to you, Mr President, to visit our nation and the African continent,so that you may quickly acquire the knowledge of the aspirations and possibilities for the future of my people and all of Africa.

That future will be a bright one, if, and only if, we can free ourselves from the death-grip of the dying British Empire’s global monetarist system that enslaves our people as well as your nation, and which is the real source of the vicious and continuing attacks on your Presidency.

In South Africa, and in Africa more generally, the British Empire totters in a weakened stance because of the intervention on behalf of development and peace by our fellow BRICS members, especially China, Russia and India.

You have been grossly misled about the true intention of this BRICS intervention.

Your foolish strategic advisers and your corrupted State Department, whose policy content is still controlled by British assets who are relics of the administration of that lawn jockey of the bitch Queen, the former President and enemy of Africans, Barack Obama, as well the Neanderthals of geopolitics, also known as ‘neocons’, have all lied to you that the Chinese and Russians are trying to push the British, and their American allies, out of Africa.

The reality is that the Chinese, Russians and the BRICS nations collectively have moved into a void, created by the unwillingness of the Anglo-American financial powers to lend for development, which has kept Africa in a murderous state of underdevelopment.

Your Wall Street dominated Treasury Department and the foolish ‘free traders’ that also surround you, have told you that the Chinese especially, with their loans for large development projects, are trying to enslave Africa to their debt, while taking control of the vast resources of the continent.

They cannot comprehend, and so far, you have not understood, that these loans are not being made for either geopolitical purpose or for monetary profit, as have been past loans from Wall Street or London; they are extensions of credit for specific projects that will improve the productivity of the people living in those nations and regions. Those projects, and the productivity they engender, will create enormous increased potentials for human progress.

What you fail to understand is that such extensions of credit are in the best traditions of the American System of Physical Economy, as devised and practiced by such leaders as your greatest Treasury Secretary, Alexander Hamilton, and the economist Henry C. Carey; and in this last century, as practiced by the administration of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. In the last more than half century, that American System economics has been advocated by Lyndon LaRouche, who founded the movement that I represent.

Mr President, the time has come, as LaRouche and his wife Helga Zepp-LaRouche have demanded, to chuck the entire collapsing global financial system overboard, and create a new system, based on these same principles of credit expansion and elements of the old Bretton Woods monetary system, which included regulated fixed value currencies, pegged to a gold reserve stabilisation fund (with no conversion of currency to gold) to facilitate vastly increased world trade.

Such a system would be initiated by the BRICS powers plus the United States, with other nations expected on board such as Japan, Korea, and the sovereign European nations. This must be done immediately through a new Monetary Conference called by the BRICS nations and yourself, lest the world risk letting the British pull the plug on the existing system, as was done in August 1971, by President Richard Nixon, under the advice of British assets George Shultz and Federal Reserve chairman Arthur Burns. If the present system is pulled down before the midterm elections, the political and other consequences for you will be disastrous. But that is exactly what the British intend.

What you have not been told by your misinformed or lying advisers, is that the new development policies for Africa and elsewhere in the world, including China’s Belt and Road Initiative, are not exclusionary, but desire the participation of all willing nations, most especially the United States, as I am sure your good friend President Xi Jinping has informed you.

As I stated, I am aware that the reason for the savage attack that the British Empire and its assets in the United States, including in the intelligence services, the Justice Department, and the FBI has placed you under, is precisely because you are not a puppet of either Wall Street or its military-industrial complex, and because you had the audacity to seek improved relations with Russia and China. This attack, as some of its public proponents have openly stated, is not only intended to remove you from office, but to annul your presidency, erasing the verdict of the American people in the constitutionally legitimate 2016 Presidential Election.

The attack on you is only the most important piece of a desperate global offensive by the dying British Empire and its assets, including those inside your own Administration, a dirty empire that seeks to plunge nations into murderous civil strife, dividing peoples along false racial and other lines. We—you, me and the peoples of this world—have only one true enemy: that evil British Empire.

Mr President, let me also state my firm belief and hope that should you survive these attacks in kicking that truly evil Empire into the dustbin of history, you will play a key role in establishing a new, just economic order.

I was not surprised that you were unaware that British Empire assets have been deployed to try to plunge my nation—a key member of the BRICS alliance for peace and development—into a race war, a war that had been avoided by the bold and clear thinking of our late great father, Nelson Mandela.

Those destructive efforts involve generating and promoting policies of land expropriation, without compensation, as part of what is called the Radical Economic Transformation (RET), a programme claiming to deal with remaining inequities in the distribution of physical assets between blacks and whites in our nation. I can understand your alarm at reports of murders of white farmers, but you must recognise that such attempts to stir up a race war, as in your own country, are often acts committed or incited with that intent by agents and assets deployed for that purpose. Agri SA, the leading federation of South Africa’s agricultural organisations, also points to very inflammatory elements in the press as a serious problem for a just resolution of the land issues. I know that to be true. Similarly, the fake-news media, as you refer to them, serve as lying provocateurs against your Presidency.

Let me be clear in what I am saying: Discussion of agro-industrial development in my country is taking place, in which white and black farmers and farm organisations, landless citizens, and others are taking part. The government plans to propose a constitutional amendment to clarify the circumstances under which government can take possession of land, and the limits of such expropriations. If it is found that certain people holding extensive lands are thereby blocking national economic development, then it is not only the right, but the obligation of government to remove such blocks, by taking the relevant land and putting it to use for the general welfare of all citizens, either with or without compensation, as determined through a special court or arbiter. I should point out that such powers have repeatedly been used repeatedly in your nation, by both state and Federal authorities.

Before you issued your tweets on these matters, you should have studied the matter in more depth. If you do so now, I believe you will see that those responsible for the killings fit a profile of agents provocateur. If you ask the question, ‘Cui bono?’ (‘Who benefits?’) the answer you must surely come to is: Whoever might desire to plunge my nation into a murderous and escalating cycle of violence, leading to race war—a policy which the British forces have attempted to implement more than once in the past.

These are the enemies of my nation, as they are of yours and you personally. To defeat them, we must name them clearly, as does the dossier and updated report on the subject, by my esteemed American associate Barbara Boyd. Should you choose to do so, no doubt all hell will break loose, but doing so will go a great distance towards defeating our common British enemy.

Mr President, I believe that the time has come for you to visit South Africa and Africa generally, to see for yourself the possibilities for peace and progress, and see for yourself the obstacles to the same, which your great nation and you, can help us overcome. I am sure such a trip can be arranged, perhaps under the auspices of the BRICS, which I am prepared to help facilitate.

As you are aware, China will be hosting a summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation early next month in Beijing, to deepen and broaden collaboration regarding the development of Africa. You should request to send your personal representative.

Mr President, we need your strong voice on the side of development and peace, not some tweets triggered by the ever-lying media. You were elected because the American people wanted real, meaningful, and rapid economic change for the better—they wanted you. They wanted you to move their nation away from the old system, away from Wall Street’s and London’s empire of money, and away from the totally unnecessary and bloody geopolitical wars and possible thermonuclear confrontation with China and Russia—whether they were able to verbalise that sentiment clearly or not. Do not fail them! The time has come, now, to move decisively towards a new Just World Economic Order, where all gain, and no one loses—except the British Empire.

Come to Africa, Mr. President! See that future, and help make that future happen.

Ramasimong Phillip Tsokolibane 28 August 2018

Source: Larouche South Africa

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