New Bridge in Lodwar, Kenya,is Changing Lives

Lodwar is the largest city in north western Kenya, near Lake Turkana. It has a population of around 83,000. The bridge that spans the Turkwel River that flows into Lake Turkana was built in the 1970s. It is too narrow to allow for 2 way traffic which leaves hundreds of vehicles waiting each hour to cross to or from Lodwar. The region`s main hospital is in Lodwar and emergency cases are also left waiting to cross the bridge.
The Kenyan National Highway Authority is constructing 2 new bridges, a double lane bridge for vehicles and a separate bridge for pedestrians.
This may seem like a small step but infrastructure as simple as a relatively short bridge is being built at increasing speed and numbers in rural areas across Africa, transforming people`s lives, enhancing trade and connecting regions.


Eye on Turkana: Lodwar’s New Bridges To The Future

17 April 2021

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