Morrison infrastructure vs nation building / Five eyes economics

for a productive economy, high speed rail, high speed shipping!, value-adding to mining with manufacturing. It all needs ENERGY. Cheapest most reliable source is nuclear. MODULAR REACTORS. All funded by NATIONAL BANKING

“In 1908 King O`Malley said we should not borrow capital but create it and he talked about how if any state needed money to build rail to build anything we could immediately issue it from that banking system. He gave a 5 hour speech in 1909 in which he said in a real crisis the only way to prevent widespread distress or panic is to immediately expand the issue of cheap loans into production but he said the private banking corporations refused to administer the prescription because it is dangerous to their monopoly. And that is what we have to change now.”

Source: Australian Citizens Party

19 June 2020 – Citizens Report – Morrison infrastructure vs nation building / Five eyes economics

1. Morrison’s recipe for economic catastrophe

2. Don’t put the ‘nutters’ in charge of economic policy too!

Presented by Elisa Barwick and Jeremy Beck


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