Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

Excellent interview here with news about China that the msm will not cover.

Pres Xi Jinping of China has stated that China will have eliminated poverty for all its citizens by 2020. By 2035 the entire country will have a totally modern economy including the remote rural areas.

China in the last 3 decades has lifted out of poverty 700 million people. 43 million still live below the poverty line but the numbers are decreasing. China is 3x larger than the USA and yet 43 million Americans live in poverty and the numbers are rising.

Xi Jinping talks about the importance of human happiness, not just for the Chinese but also for the populations of the countries with whom China trades. When did you last hear our politicians talking about our happiness?

What is the secret of China`s success?

It is very simple – China has been DEVELOPING THE PHYSICAL ECONOMY having adopted many of the ideas taught by Lyndon LaRouche.

Source: Rogue Money

Hanging with Harley (10/19/2017)

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