Kenya`s new infrastracture is changing lives !

Kenya`s new infrastracture is changing lives !

This is such positive great news from Kenya! Emali is one of the towns along the newly built Mombasa – Nairobi railway. This is a super- modern, super-fast standard gauge railway that has been built by China to connect the interior with the Indian Ocean port of Mombasa. It is a magnificent feat of engineering that passes through Tsavo National Park and some of Kenya`s most geographically challenging terrains. This project is only the initial phase of a corridor that will very soon connect the Great Lakes countries, Tanzania and South Sudan to the port of Mombasa.

The new railway is having such a profound effect on the Kenyan economy and the country`s optimism for the future.It is the Africa that should have been built half a century ago!

Before the new sgr (standard gauge railway) the town of Emali did not have a great deal going for it, a poor economy, an uncertain future and a general feeling of hopelessness. All that has now changed , like rain to the desert, Emali is blooming and lives of good, decent, ordinary Kenyans are changing in a dramatic way.

Emali is bustling as thousands of passengers are now using the railway.This is affecting the lives of local people who are experiencing real growth in their businesses, from taxi drivers, to cafe owners and hair dressers. One of the most important aspects is the sense of optimism about the future, now anything seems possible!

Source: CGTN Africa

Kenyan Towns along SGR experiencing rapid growth  

Published on Jun 2, 2018

Emali is an economical town along Nairobi-Mombassa standard gauge railway. Since the Railway inaugurated last year, the town has undergone rapid changes. Many locals have also found new ways to make a living.


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