Innovative Poultry Farming in Kenya

Stanslaus Kariuki is breeding guinea fowl. He has discovered these birds are amazingly hardy and resilient to diseases that chickens get. Guinea fowl need far fewer antibiotics and only the standard Newcastle Vaccine but are also healthy without it. They clean your farm of ticks and other insects which keeps you healthy and can be used on organic vegetable farms as a natural way of reducing insect damage because they do not damage the crops. Their meat and eggs are tastier than chicken, (I agree with that!) and they act as alerts to intruders like alarm systems. Stanslaus must be a very compassionate and peaceful farmer as I have never seen guinea fowl looking this calm and happy. Super-inspirational!

Source: Utmost Precision

Agrirush – How I accidentally stumbled into guinea fowl farming… I am not leaving anytime soon!

22 July 2020

Stanslaus Kimani’s is convinced that, if embraced, guinea fowl farming is poised to become the reigning poultry delicacy on our platters in the not soo distant future. To find out more on guinea fowl farming, reach out to him via +254 738 336 048



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