In Defense of Sanity

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In Defense of Sanity

Dec. 3 (EIRNS)—First, read the following account from CGTN on one of the dramatic implications of China’s lunar program, including the current Chang’e-5 lander collecting samples on the lunar surface:

“Modern science has revealed that most of the energy we use today originated from sunlight—coal and oil are basically storage of ancient sunlight. Scientists and engineers have been trying to build a smaller sun on Earth for decades. And helium-3 is a great fuel to do that. One hundred tons of helium-3 can generate the energy needed by all humans for a year. And there may be a million tons of helium-3 on the Moon—which can help humans survive another 10,000 years. Building the artificial sun requires many strict conditions, some of which can be easily met on the Moon since the sphere has much less gravity than the Earth. Imagine if we don’t need oil anymore. Lots of wars will become pointless and we may enjoy one of the most peaceful ages ever. Isn’t that great? And that’s why we should continue the effort of lunar exploration. China’s international Moon lab could be a good start.”

Second, watch the Schiller Institute NYC Chorus documentary video, as we close in on the 250th anniversary of Ludwig van Beethoven’s birth on Dec. 16.

Now you are in the proper frame of mind to locate the strategic significance of the Schiller Institute’s Dec. 12-13 conference on “The World after the U.S. Election: Creating a World Based on Reason.”

With all-out warfare underway in the U.S. over the British attempt to carry out a coup d’état against President Donald Trump (and the Presidency itself); with the uncontrolled COVID-19 pandemic unleashing sickness, death and psychological trauma in most countries around the world; with the provocations by London lackeys like Secretary of State Pompeo against China, Iran and other countries, bringing the world to the edge of warfare; small wonder then that most people have trouble even discerning what reality is, let alone recognizing the pathway to solutions.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche took up this problem in her Dec. 2 weekly webcast:

“I think there must be absolute concern that this battle is decided in favor of Trump…. I think people have a very hard time right now seeing through what is fake news, what is propaganda, what is psychological warfare operations against the population. I think the only way you can keep your sanity, is you have to focus on the solutions: There are solutions…. If you focus on the solutions, you don’t need to have an endless debate about who did what to whom.

“At this point, I think a lot of what is being said and written and what is in the social media and all kinds of videos, is designed to confuse the population, to make them feel impotent, and passive.

“I think the best way to counter that is to focus on the solutions which were developed by Lyndon LaRouche many years ago, but are still completely valid. That will be the central issue at the upcoming Schiller Institute Conference on Dec. 12-13.

“You have to rally for solutions, because otherwise I think we are in for an incredibly dangerous period. But once you know what the solutions are, namely that you can have a new financial system, a new credit system, and once you focus on that and work with the Schiller Institute to form an international alliance to implement those policies, then you can keep your mental health. Otherwise, for some people, sometimes things seem to be very difficult these days.”

Source: EIR Daily Alert Service

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