Hussein Askary on Developing Egypt

Re-thinking the purpose of money/credit/debt. Egypt`s New Suez Canal is a beautiful example of what can be achieved when governments apply a national credit system. Hussein Askary of the Schiller Institute explains:

Source: LaRouchePAC Live

Developing Egypt: Monetarism vs National Credit – the New Paradigm

Streamed live on 19 Oct 2016

This week’s show features the participation of Hussein Askary, an organizer for economic development in the world, with a focus on the Middle East. Askary, a long-time associate of Lyndon LaRouche, discusses the successes and challenges facing Egypt, as a case study for the dueling economic paradigms of the present. Development cannot occur within a monetarist straitjacket, but requires the credit approach of the Lyndon LaRouche–Alexander Hamilton “Four Laws.”

For more on the Four Laws, see:
Hussein Askary’s proposal for Egyptian economic independence:…
Alexander Hamilton’s four reports to the Congress:…

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