Human Rights Activists – Gate Keepers for Neo-Colonialism in Africa

Human Rights Activists – Gate Keepers for neo-colonialism in Africa?

produced for                              Great Lakes Network

written by PD Lawton, fait pour Masisi,  September 2017

… investigation into how elements within the human rights movement

have obscured the factual history of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo

facilitated the rise to power of a Tutsi elite who control both countries on behalf of the globalist elite

that the globalist elite in Westminster and Washington are responsible for the events of 1994 in Rwanda and the subsequent slow genocide in the Congo.

That the Human Rights Industrial Complex acts as the gatekeepers for neo-colonialism in Africa

When so-called Human Rights organizations are financed by the one percent they dependably echo the priorities and prejudices of their influential sponsors.  So it is that Amnesty International is an energetic source of war propaganda on behalf of US imperial efforts in the Middle East and elsewhere. Their “report” of a supposed “human slaughterhouse” operated by the Syrian regime is the latest installment in a campaign to justify US intervention in the Middle East.

Humanity is in desperate need of individuals and organizations to speak up for their right to live free from the threat of state violence. Instead we have a human rights industrial complex which speaks for the powerful and tells lies in order to justify their aggressions. Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch are at the top of this infamous list. They have a pattern and practice of giving cover for regime change schemes hatched by the United States, NATO partners and gulf monarchies like Saudi Arabia.” Source:

DRC – Democratic Republic of Congo

RPF – Rwandan Patriotic Front ( Kagame)

RPA – Rwandan Patriotic Army (Kagame)

MLC – Congolese Liberation Movement ( Museveni -Uganda)

RCD – Congolese Rally for Democracy ( Kagame – Rwanda)


Brief overview of Rwanda and the repercussions for the region since 1994

the Warlords of Westminster and Washington, the real Witchdoctors of Watutsiland

The story begins with the rise to power of Paul Kagame. Everything concerning the politics of the Congo in the last 25 years stems from the events of 1994 in Rwanda.

The Master Plan has been control of the Great Lakes countries of Rwanda, Uganda and the D.R.C by a Tutsi -Hema (Ugandan Tutsi) elite. The plan was to include Burundi but the presidency of Pierre Nkurunziza, the loyalty of his military and nation have outlasted regime change and occupation by the United Nations who are supported by propaganda from the human rights  complex which in turn is funded by the major banks of Wall Street and the City of London.

The Plan began in Uganda with the ousting of Milton Obote in 1986 and the rise to power of one of Africa`s most satanic rulers – Yoweri Museveni.

As Museveni told the press,”My version of democracy has the full backing of the British and US governments.” Relates one well-informed source in Kampala:”The British are very much behind this government. You know there is no condition at all on democratization, no multi-party democracy. The President doesn`t even pretend {to be} for this, and he is still a darling of the West.” Museveni`s Uganda is the reality behind the RPF government now in Kigali, Rwanda.” Source:

(quote from 1994 , emphasis added)

British support for Museveni has entailed an open tap of liquid cash in the form of international development aid that has seen Westminster politicians, beginning with Baroness Linda Chalker, fawning over the man that the City of London selected to rule over the Pearl of Africa, as Uganda was once called by the British Foreign Office. Until the Mapping Report that exposed Ugandan atrocities in the Congo, Museveni was a celebrated African leader among the globalist elite. His loyalty to power, money and his foreign masters has turned Uganda into the nexus of globalist control in central Africa. His military have been used for regime changes and terror operations across the continent from Somalia to the Congo, many of these carried out under the guise of African Union peace keeping forces.

Without Museveni`s compliance the RPF coup that took place in Rwanda `94 and the repercussions in neighbouring DRC would not have happened.

.The end game of the Master Plan is the balkanization of the Congo with one of the most mineral rich zones becoming independent.

Alphamin Resources Corporation is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, and staffed with all white directors from North America, Europe and South Africa. Alphamin controls vast tracts of North Kivu, mining concessions rich with tin, gold, coltan and copper, the largest of which is the Bisie Mine.[23] The foreign control would not be possible without first neutralizing and/or eliminating the Congolese landowners. Western mining companies achieve pacification and land control by any means necessary.” Source : Keith Harmon Snow

Rothschild`s City of London extractive industries will once again be the only beneficiaries of `war without end in Central Africa` if the Congo is balkanized.

The official narrative of Rwanda 1994 is summed up by a BBC headline from 2011:

“Between april and june 1994, an estimated 800 000 rwandans were killed in the space of 100 days. Most of the dead were tutsis – and most of those who perpetrated the violence were hutus.” – Rwanda : How The Genocide Happened – BBC

The official narrative is an inversion of the truth.

It is a relevant comparison to say that Paul Kagame`s RPF are an early version of the White Helmets in Syria. The White Helmets pose with full NATO backing as the good guys in Syria, when in fact they are the terrorists. Vanessa Beeley is the courageous British journalist who exposed this fraud of monumental proportions. The media referred to the situation in Rwanda at that time as a civil war. Just as is the case in Syria, it was not a civil war but an invasion.

In the above BBC article the events of Rwanda are labelled a genocide. In the same article it is casually mentioned that :

Although the killing in Rwanda was over, the presence of Hutu militias in DR Congo has led to years of conflict there, causing up to five million deaths.”

According to the BBC, the Hutu , by their presence, are also responsible for 5 million deaths in the Congo.

Almost the entire Hutu population fled from Rwanda into the Congo after the RPF claimed power. Before the massacres Rwanda had a population of 7.2 million. By the end of July at least 500 000 had been murdered. 2 576 000 people were displaced inside Rwanda. 2 223 000 became refugees and fled to Zaire (DRC), Burundi, Tanzania and Uganda. 73.5% of the population were either killed or displaced.

The Genocide Card

The official narrative has always maintained that the perpetrators of the massacres were hiding among the refugees. National security purposes were the pretext under which Paul Kagame`s RPF then violated Congolese territory and conducted one of the most brutal campaigns that the continent has ever seen.

The death toll of Rwandans and Congolese at the hands of the RPF far exceeds the 1994 figures.

The estimate of deaths in the Congo: lowest 5.4 million; highest 11 million. The majority of those deaths are part of a depopulation and terror program conducted in Eastern Congo in order to de-populate the region of its indigenous Congolese people.

Despite the waning globalist adoration of Paul Kagame, the City of London is still prepared to flout international law and protect the Kagame regime. Tony Blair is one the City`s key agents. His wife recently legally defended one of Rwanda`s real criminals.

Rwanda changed from a French speaking republic under a Hutu president into an English speaking dictatorship under Paul Kagame and the Western public are led to believe that Kagame`s Rwanda is an economic miracle.

The events in Rwanda were falsified to justify minority rule by and for a Tutsi elite. The genocide card and the Semitic origin of the Tutsi were played to sway Western public opinion in favour of the `victimized` minority. Ethnic discord was fomented by the Belgian colonial powers who selected the Tutsis for administration of the former Belgian colony. A propaganda campaign including school literature, radio stations and other outlets began in the late 1980s and was promulgated by both sides. Kagame`s RPF began committing atrocities in Rwanda in 1990 while based on Ugandan territory.

Hutu and Tutsi are the same people, Congolese, Rwandan, Burundian, African. The separation is an artificial concept planted by the globalists who seek division. It is a devious social program known as Identity Politics.

The real purpose of the genocide card is to obscure the geo-political involvement by Washington and Westminster based agents.

From the onset theirs was not a mission to save Rwandan Tutsi who would die in their tens of thousands but a coup that would result in unquestionable rule by the Tutsi elite , based on a lie that has since been turned into the ideology of a genocide industry. Genocide denial is punishable by imprisonment in Kagame`s Rwanda. Victoire Ingabire questioned the official narrative and has been sentenced to 15 years in a Kigali prison.

The charge of Genocide Denialism exists not just in Rwanda but within Western academia. Authors of the book The Politics of Genocide (2010), economist Edward S Herman and David Peterson experienced the full wrath of the human rights industrial complex after its publication.The book refuted the official narrative.

Jean-Marie Higiro says it best: “Academics and journalists divide Hutus into two categories: moderates and extremists following the myths of Hollywood. They never suggest that there were Hutu who did not belong to either category. There were those who were terrified by both sides and who just fled for their lives. Academics and journalists never do the same [segregating] for Tutsis and of course never for the RPF even though the RPF was a conglomerate of Tutsi supremacists, Republicans and monarchists. These supremacists are highly placed in the current government. Tito Rutaremara, one of the ideologues of the RPF is one of them, and General Ibingira, the butcher of Kibeho [is another] of them.”

The very definition of genocide would be called into question if it turned out that there were political, economic or class–as opposed to ethnic–motives behind the hundreds of thousands (or 1.2 million) of deaths that have been unequivocally attributed to Hutu genocidaires. .” Source:

This event so heinous in its nature was not master-minded by the Hutu government of Juvenile Habynirama but master-minded in Washington .One of the key players is Roger Winter whose involvement in regime change in Africa spans from Eritrea to the Sudan to Congo.It was Roger Winter who co-ordinated with John Garang on behalf of the City of London and its extractive industries for the balkanization of the Sudan. Shortly after the inauguration of South Sudan`s first president in 2011, Glencore was handed the rights to 49% of South Sudan`s oil.

His sponsorship of Museveni dates backed to 1982–before the SPLA war against Sudan even began. In one of his first ventures as executive director of the U.S. Committee of Refugees, Winter traveled to Uganda, where he took up the cause of the Banyarwanda refugees–Tutsi Rwandans who had fled to Uganda in the early 1960s–against the government of Ugandan President Milton Obote. By 1983, Winter was regularly visiting Yoweri Museveni in the bush, as Museveni was leading his guerrilla war against the Obote government. Winter became an early publicist for Museveni, centered around charges that Obote was carrying out a campaign of mass murder in the Luwero Triangle–a campaign that many in central Uganda are coming to realize was carried out by Museveni himself.” Source:

Roger Winter was instrumental in the creation of the RPF. It was he who marketed the Association of Banyarwandans in Diaspora in Washington, 1988 which was a movement that included the ambitious Tutsi elite. Six years later he commented before the American Congress:

I had the great honor of travelling in Rwanda in April, in May, in June, and in July, as the war was occurring. I had the privilege of travelling with the Rwandan Patriotic Front as it gradually increased its control over Rwandan territory.” Source:

“Winter’s own U.S. Committee on Refugees—75% funded by the U.S. government—never delivers aid to refugees, but is the intelligence nerve center for the entire relief apparatus, and coordinates the political “attitude” to be taken toward refugees. It is also clear from Winter’s own public activities, and the most recent caper in which he has been caught, that the “political” direction of relief efforts also includes supplying military aid—that is, using “relief” efforts as the cover for partisan and deadly military support.”

Roger Winter: Boss of the Warlords :

British Lord Malloch-Brown held a number of key positions during the height of the Congo crisis. He was UN Deputy Secretary-General (2006). He was a development specialist for the World Bank and UN from 1994-2005. He became Minister of State in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office 2007-2009. His earlier career (1979-1983) was as the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, he is a former journalist of the Economist and former chair of the Royal African Society and International Crisis Group. Whatever his role was in Rwanda, he was representative of the political power base in Westminster. Britain has been complicit in all of America`s wars of aggression for the past several decades.President Trump remains the hope that Washington will end its special relationship with Westminster. It is not that Britain has been the lapdog of America in the wars of Iraq, Libya and Syria. It is America that has been the lapdog of the power behind Westminster, the City of London.

Rhodesian-born Malloch-Brown made clear, on his last day in Africa, Nov. 20, that he wants this type of crisis. He said that the problem in North Kivu was an internal problem between the Congo government and the rebels, and that both sides were to blame. He also lied that Rwanda did not control Nkunda. After a meeting with Kagame, Malloch-Brown called on the Rwandan President to use his “influence” over Nkunda to end the violence in eastern Congo, and covered for Kagame, by saying that it was too simple to say that “this rebel group [Nkunda’s forces] is just a puppet group whose strings are pulled from Kigali” [the capital of Rwanda]. “We completely reject allegations that the CNDP is a Rwandan force.””Source:

The silent genocide is in the DRC where millions have died since 1996. Here a low-intensity warfare has gradually been irradicating the indigeneous population of Eastern Congo. For the Congolese the nightmare that has reigned began with the invasion of Zaire (former name of DRC) by Rwanda and Uganda. Initially this was cloaked as a good coup of the ageing President Mobutu Sese Siko and led by a Congolese national and a mascot chosen for the role – Laurent Kabila. This was meant to appear as a legitimate Congolese uprising against the Washington and Westminster – funded mis-rule of Mobutu who predicted the vultures decent on Congo after his death. He had warned – “Apres moi La Deluge”.

President Laurent Kabila refused to pay Zaire`s odious debt of $14bn to the IMF and World Bank as it was accrued by the former regime and had not benefited the nation. This is the reason for his short term in office and the assassination of Mzee, as he was referred to by the Congolese.He was replaced by a young man who it was claimed was his son, Joseph Kabila. Joseph Kabila was born Hippolyte Kanambe and has family ties to the Rwandan elite. With his presidency came control of the DRC and all its vast mineral wealth, control by the Tutsi elite and their corporate globalist masters in the City of London.

Since then atrocities of unspeakable cruelty have been carried out by a single entity disguised as a succession of militia groups that get re-named re-branded once the `good guys` have defeated them; much like the morphing of al Qaeda into ISIS into al Nusra etc.

The Master Plan is to reduce and replace the indigenous population of Eastern Congo with foreign nationals.Kagame may well be considering using Israel`s unwanted African refugees. Kagame is considered by Israel to be “one of its strongest friends in Africa.”

The following is an automatic translation from French:

“On the other hand, the presence of the Falashas in Kivu would serve as a political cover for the Rwandan occupation will be sidelined. For under the influence of international Jewish lobbies, all industrial action and resistance from the Congolese people against the occupation of their lands will be presented to the world as the manifestation of primary anti-Semitism that would result in United Nations Sanctions! . We then see the UN Security Council to endorse hypocritically Balkanization that would result from these mephistophelic maneuvers, pass resolutions to create buffer zones between the rest of the DRC and the balkanized part by arguing wanting to protect the safety the Falashas would be seriously threatened by the Congolese.. And, according to a now classic scenario, a few years later, the same Security Council sanction by finally solving, self-determination of large parts of the occupied territory. . There will then be the emergence of a federation or confederation between Rwanda and the (new) “country of Falashas” is still in the crumbling even the complete disappearance of the current DRC reduced portion congruous because of the successive secessions proclaimed here and there by the provinces, under the impulse of the same mafia lobbies.” Source:

In Congo there is every resource known to man, most importantly Coltan which supplies digital technology. Rwanda has already incorporated the economy of North and South Kivu, provinces of Eastern DRC. This has happened with the full compliance of the United Nations.


APARECO is the largest Congolese political party outside of the DRC. It has been documenting Congo`s occupation since 1996. In their Political Declaration they attest to the US Government`s role in the Congo. The following is an automatic translation from French :

The statements of Mr. Herman Cohen, former American Deputy Secretary of State for African Affairs, made in 2011, affirming that “the American State Department already considered the Kivu as being part of Rwanda.” These words of Mr. Cohen were supported by a confidential note from the American Embassy in Kinshasa relayed by Wikileaks confirming that “the American diplomatic mission is in the process of identifying those who are for or against this theory (of the Balkanization) that the United States is listed among those who support the aggressors of the DRC and that American interests are supposed to support the efforts of Rwanda to annex Kivu and monopolize the resources of the region. »  In November 2012, some diplomats at the UN as well as a part of the international press reported undeniable acquaintances and even some proven duplicities between senior officials of the Obama administration and the Rwandese government.

Also, during the debates in the Security Council, Susan Rice and Mr. Anthony Lake, member of the National Security Council and former head of the CIA, have never hidden the American administration’s position in favor of the regime of Paul Kagame.

In fact, Madam Rice has more than once blocked or delayed the publication of the report of UN experts describing, with great details, the support of the Rwanda to militias operating in the Kivu , in the sole purpose of preventing Paul Kagame and his regime to be explicitly accused by the Security Council . And in his article of December 10, 2012, journalist Helene Cooper of The New York Times explained the existence of a conflict of interest because Susan Rice had Paul Kagame as a “client” when she worked for the firm for strategic intelligence “intelligence” at the same time as Anthony Lake.

Johnnie Carson, another former American Deputy Secretary of State for African Affairs had thrown a big spanner in the works before The Brookings Institute in February 2013 affirming that the recipes of peace applied in Yugoslavia and Sudan should also be applied in the DRC (sic).

Finally in 2007, French President Nicolas Sarkozy , in his turn made a troubling statement supporting the thesis of the balkanization of the DRC saying that ” Rwanda is the country with the dynamic demography and has a small area while the issue of DRC is of being a country of vast size and the strange organization of border wealth. How , in this region of world , we share space, resources are shared and we agree to understand that geography has its rules , that countries rarely change addresses and must learn to live side by side to the others? “

For APARECO , it is obvious that all these statements and allusions made by senior American and European politicians who have had to hold high responsibility in treating burning issues such as the multiform conflicts of African Great Lakes , reveal unequivocally the active complicity of the West in the plot in place for balkanization of DR Congo.”

Source :


And so we come to our investigation of the Human Rights Industrial Complex and how it has facilitated mass regime change and the biggest coup, heist and slow genocide of our times .

Protectors of the Kigali regime.

Human Rights Watch sponsored the Rwandan genocide investigation by Alison des Forges. She later published what has become the bible of Rwanda`s recent history; Leave None to Tell the Story: Genocide in Rwanda. Internationally acclaimed, the book became the official narrative.

“In 1994 a small elite chose genocide to keep power in Rwanda. They used state resources and authority to incite – or force – tens of thousands of Rwandans to kill the Tutsi minority”.

In contrast Christopher Black, Toronto-based international criminal lawyer :

“There is a stunning lack of documentary evidence of a government plan to commit genocide. There are no orders, minutes of meetings, notes, cables, faxes, radio intercepts or any other type of documentation that such a plan ever existed. In fact, the documentary evidence establishes just the opposite.”

In an HRW interview with Alison de Forge (deceased) called Confronting Evil

she emphasises that the `evil` was low tech. This re-enforces the narrative that the mass slaughter was a result of `tribal African savagery` and not a high tech operation master-minded in Washington.

Alison de Forge testified 11 times before the ICC, the French National Assembly, the Belgian Senate, US Congress, Organization of African Unity and the United Nations.Her narrative was endorsed by The Economist and New York Times as the definitive account.

In 2010 through Human Rights Watch she began targetting the Kagame regime and began calling for the RPF to be held to account for their crimes.She never retracted on who she had always held responsible for the genocide.


Political Expediency Expiry Date, they put them up and pull them down

Has Kagame arrived at that date and now Kabila? They are no longer useful and to keep up the human rights charade the bad guys must go and the `good guys` must replace them? The `good guys`are inevitably controlled opposition.

Pres.Joseph Kabila is now under fire from HRW, Amnesty and the Congo Research Group among others. However, there is a reason the human rights Washington based ngo`s are calling for his removal and it has very little to do with Kabila`s real crimes. They are targetting him to protect the Kagame government`s interests in the Congo. The opposition leader most likely set to win this year`s election is Moise Katumbi. He is the perfect globalist candidate. Kabila is turning from West to East and therefore putting at risk the elite`s control over Congo`s mineral wealth.He has outlived his usefullness to them.

Hence the need for the likes of General Nkunda.

“Nkunda’s forces surrounded Goma, the provincial capital of North Kivu, on Oct. 28. He halted his troops, and demanded that Kabila negotiate with him. He singled out the $9 billion joint venture deal Kabila had made with China, which he objects to. China is to provide $6 billion worth of road construction, two hydroelectric dams, and hospitals and schools, in addition to rail connections to southern Africa, and a railroad between the mineral-rich province of Katanga, in southern D.R.C., and the D.R.C.’s Atlantic port at Matadi, in return for copper and cobalt. Another $3 billion is to be invested primarily in developing new mining areas.” Source :

The globalists of the City of London adore Moise Katumbi.

Moïse Katumbi with Zeinab Badawi speaking at a Royal Africa Society and Africa All Party Parliamentary event in the UK.


Congo Research Group is the new home of a very African sounding blog Congo-Siasa. Both are run by Jason Stearns who is the author of ` Dancing in the glory of Monsters`. Stearns works with Ida Saywer of Human Rights Watch. Stearns`s book is highly informative but it is disinformation and distortion of facts. He is quoted in the mainstream media as the authority on DRC. The Rockefeller Foundation sponsored the book. Stearns now spends his time demonizing Kabila to protect Kagame and promotes the newly expected arrival of Moise Katumbi. Stearns has on his blog, along with his very African nick-name :

Lokuta eyaka na ascenseur, kasi vérité eyei na escalier mpe ekomi. Lies come up in the elevator; the truth takes the stairs but gets here eventually. – Koffi Olomide

Yes, Jason Stearns the truth is getting nearer to the top floor.

There are two entities called the FDLR. One of those is probably now exterminated out of existence, hunted down and shot like rats in the bush. These people are one of Congo`s silent tragedies that is completely covered up. They are the remnants of the exiled Hutu Rwandans. These people are justifiably too terrified to return to Kagame`s Rwanda. Many have been put in UN monitored camps under conditions that are punishing.

The other FDLR entity is fictional like the Lords Restistance Army, another manifestation of Rwandan/Ugandan militias.It is a pretext to terrorise the people of the area and justify the presence of FARDC (Congolese government armed forces) and United Nations peacekeeping forces, neither of which are protecting local communities .

Stearns has operated from the DRC until 2016 when his visa, along with that of Ida Sawyer of HRW, was denied.

Stearns still protects the Kigali regime.

From Genocide Industry to Rape Industry

Did Hillary Clinton start the Rape Industry?

Rape was off the agenda at the ICTR until Hillary Clinton showed up in Arusha and pledged $600,000 to be paid after the first ICTR rape conviction, and that’s where the Tutsi women collected in the fictitious Rutaganda compound in Hotel Rwanda come from. Hillary Clinton visited the ICTR and bribed the court, and the issue of rape was immediately elevated and a perpetrator needed to be found to satisfy the court, no matter their innocence or guilt, and meet Hillary Clinton’s conditions for $600,000 bribe.” Source:

Eve Ensler is a human rights gender activist. She has joined in the `humanitarian`white-washing of Congo`s recent history by making it a discussion on vaginas. She demeans what has happened to vast numbers of women and children in the DRC. She boils her politics on an acutely sensitive subject down to men`s lack of respect for women. She concludes that Congolese men don`t know any better and women must stand up for their vaginas. This is sickening. Her assault on traditional African, family orientated values is also now being taken up by Naledi Chirwa of the EFF ( globalist backed Economic Freedom Fighters) in South Africa, to further embroil society in anger and division; and to turn previously traditional and family orientated women into feminists. In the Congo it is not enough that the globalist machine creates discord between tribes, now it makes discord between men and women; to break the family unit and create feminists who don`t want to bear children. The family unit is the rock and source of strength of society.

Does gender equality really mean that much to these people, could they really be hiding an alterior motive behind their work in the DRC? Eve Ensler`s work in the DRC is with Christine Schuler Deschryver who is a well known gorilla conservationist who also works for a German technical agency, GTZ.

GTZ’s involvement in Eastern Congo is notable, given the German links to the Lueshe mine in North Kivu, and the German embassy’s role in exploitation, depopulation and genocide in Congo. One top GTZ executive appears to be linked to German corporate interests seeking to control the Lueshe mine, now controlled by their U.S./German competitors (see below). The German government has been understandably mute about plunder in Congo, and the presentation of Christine Schuler Deschryver’s—a GTZ agent in Bukavu—as a champion of human rights is a perfect example of the twisted “charity” and “philanthropy” dumped on the Congolese people.”

“But the interests of Carlos Schuler and Christine Deschryver run much deeper than “gorilla conservation” and “human rights” activism in Eastern Congo. The Deschryver family is one of the elite families in Belgium. Christine’s father, Adrian Deschryver, was one of the first “rangers” of the Kahuzi-Biega National Park.[9] The Deschryver family worked with the Mobutu dictatorship. The great patriarch was August Deschryver, Belgium’s Minister to the Congo at transition, in 1960, a likely candidate involved in undermining and destroying the Patrice Lumumba government, and assassinating the man, in the twilight of Congo’s Independence.” Source:[8].htm

Congo`s Rape Industry according to Prof Yaa- Lengi, exists to give a clear concience to the Western public who can donate to Dr. Denis Mukwege`s Panzi Hospital instead of confronting the real issues. The Rape Industry becomes a veil to cover the geo-political situation. It provides outlets for certain institutions to donate to and make themselves look like the good guys. George Soros and his Open Society Foundation that donates to Civil Society is a prime example.

Human Rights can easily be made into distraction politics.

John Prendergast is the Washington elite`s intelligent version of another of their agents of globalization – George Clooney.Prendergast is the former Director for African Affairs at the White House National Security Council.

“Within the State Department, it is widely believed that Rice’s closest adviser on Africa is Roger Winter, director of the U.S. Committee on Refugees, who has rammed through the policy of war in Central Africa as the policy of the State Department. In September 1997, Winter, along with John Prendergast of the U.S. National Security Council, declared Rice to be one of their “team” to lead the United States into support of a total war against the government of Sudan, to be waged on the ground by the Ugandan and allied armies.” Source:

He is the picture post card of `an American Human Rights Activist, rugged hero – the man to save Africa. He is the founder of the Enough Project that states it is on a mission to stop crimes against humanity and to end genocide. He is the co-founder along with George Clooney of The Sentry.He works with Human Rights Watch, UNICEF and the International Crisis Group.

John Prendergast`s resume is an almost comlete list of human rights organizations, movements, institutes, foundations, think tanks and academic establishments that constitute Empire in Africa. Their sponsors lead directly back to the money – the banks of Wall Street and the City of London.

Enough is enough that is for sure! The Enough project is the Washington P.R program for white-washing genocide and the cause of multiple crimes against humanity. Enough Project is affiliated with the Center for American Progress.

The Sentry is the satellite system, Big Brother, in African skies to protect the corporate interests of the City of London.

Prendergast also co-founded Not on Our Watch along with a number of Hollywood actors including George Clooney. Not on our Watch is the PR campaign to white-wash globalist-funded massacres in the South Sudan.

On the Enough website an article gives insight into how this human rights complex is used to control African states.

“Policy goals should be two-fold: to create accountability for financial and human rights crimes; and to create new leverage for peace, human rights, and governance reforms. The West has as-yet unrealized and unutilized leverage with the regime, as Congo’s officials and international commercial partners use U.S. dollars for transactions, thus touching the western banking system. This combination would much more strongly support Congolese efforts to change the system and enhance good governance.”

The article begins with the story the human rights complex always uses to explain Africa`s troubles. It blames Congo`s history on dictatorship and the mis-use of state money. Nowhere is it mentioned the role that the IMF and World Bank have played in Africa`s economic destruction and subsequent privatization of state assets and services since the 1960s. Nowhere is the finger pointed at the `violent kleptocracy` of the City of London mining corporations and their direct involvement in the `Stratégie du chaos et du mensonge: Poker menteur en Afrique des Grands Lacs`.[1]

From the days of Leopold to the present, top officials in Congo and their associates have created seven “pillars” of violent kleptocracy.”

This is how the victors re-write African history. It is a lie, cotton wool cladding that presents a narrow narrative, a child`s version of the world where it is up to white knights in shining armour and their social justice warriors to sort out the politics of Congo. The seven pillars of violent kleptocracy are the financial empire of the banking system, of the IMF and World Bank that has spent the last 60 years impovershing African nations with debt. The Congo`s one and only non-puppet president was Patrice Lumumba who was assasinated by American and Belgian intelligence after only a few months in office. King Leopold was a cousin of Queen Victoria. Queen Elizabeth is head of the Commonwealth and the current state of the DRC is proof that this same imperialist oligarchy, via the City of London, still rules the waves.


The human rights industrial complex is a front for neo-colonial control of Africa and its resources. It is nothing new. The very first humanitarian intervention in Africa co-incided with the first modern famine. Biafra in the 1960s was the first time pictures of starving African children began to haunt the West`s media and to create public support for NATO countries to intervene on humanitarian grounds. Biafra was about oil reserves in eastern Nigeria. French Elf Aquitaine employed a PR company called Mark Press to `advertise` for French military presence in the British/Shell Oil controlled state of Nigeria. The famine was the pretext and the famine would not have happened if it were not for the regions oil reserves. John Stockwell, a former CIA official, summed up the West`s relationship with the developing world as the Third World War.

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produced for Great Lakes Network

written by PD Lawton

fait pour Masisi, September 2017

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