Hooray! The oceans aren’t rising (that much)

let us return to sanity and real science ! Excellent and informative upload relevant to the world. What does the Green Economy mean for Africa? Energy means the power to industrialize!

Source: Schiller Institute

Hooray! The oceans aren’t rising (that much)

22 Jan 2021

Read more at the Schiller Institute’s “Stop Green Fascism” page: http://bit.ly/3qCTRdG Although the seas are rising, meteorologist and ocean expert Tom Wysmuller says increasing atmospheric CO₂ has had no impact. The oceans are rising at the same rate as they have been for a century and a half; there is no need to be alarmed. But the cost of implementing “renewable” energy is enormous, and draws resources away from real development. Why are the world’s central banks and wealthiest investment funds promoting a Great Reset of “green” investment?

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