Green Power, Political Pessimism and Opposition to the Development of the African Interior with Transaqua

Green Power, Political Pessimism and Opposition to the Development of the African Interior with Transaqua

by PD Lawton ,         18 October 2020

We live in strange times where supposedly eminent scientists tell us that carbon dioxide is a pollutant and its increase is linked to higher temperatures and that therefore development is bad….

We live in strange times where supposedly well-informed analysts tell us that transformative infrastructure projects in Africa are soft power tools and that therefore development is dangerous….

This is the intended Brave New World of the oligarchy, where fiction is held up as fact. Neither questions about the climate or development have ambiguous answers. The truth is not a variable! Carbon dioxide is plant food not a pollutant [1]and America became a great industrialized nation because of national investment in energy, infrastructure and technology.

Infrastructure projects do lead to power, never mind soft power, they lead to hard power. The beneficiaries are the countries in which projects are built, along with their neighbouring countries. An efficient, modern rail and road transport network changes the nature of an economy so that it can move to a much higher level which means that investment in infrastructure is not a debt trap, particularly if the bilateral partner is China, as their lending terms are extremely favourable. Even such as the Rand Corporation have recently admitted this.[2] The Chinese are offering to African nations the gift that keeps on giving. The African country that is empowered by infrastructure and industrialization is better able to resist unreasonable demands from London, Washington, or even Beijing. It is called the sovereignty of a nation state!

We are meant to be spell-bound by our limitations, spell-bound into believing in the scarcity of dwindling resources, including water. So that like caveman, we will fight each other over the last scrap of food during a hard winter! We must never yield to our human powers of creativity and our ability to create the future. We must remain quivering under an umbrella of uncertainty!

The authors of a new report on the Transaqua Plan for the Replenishment of Lake Chad, published on Water-Alternatives, make it clear that they feel safer under imperialism and do not want colonialism in Africa to ever end. This mind-set is part of a Commonwealth project. Commonwealth is the current name for the City of London`s imperial power. Membership of the `Club` is what emasculates the African Union. And the authors of the report are connected to the `Club`s` minions of economic hit men whose `woke` indoctrination is in essence, genocidal. What else do you call the 30 million people, mostly in Africa, that the UN is warning will die from starvation?

Basically, it is safer and easier to do nothing, they say. Keep Africa as it is! Let Lake Chad evaporate. Let migration and all its horrific consequences continue. Apply `Band-Aid` measures.

Transaqua has no equivalent. When constructed to the full plan, it will be the largest engineering project ever undertaken in the world. It has the potential to transform a hitherto undeveloped African interior into a hydro-powered core of energy for the development of each of the 12 riparian states. If you understand the Transaqua Plan, then you see that Transaqua is not the goal, the development of the surrounding nations is the goal.

When the fine Italian engineers of the state owned engineering company, Bonifica, first drew up the plans for Transaqua, we lived in very different times. We lived in times that still honoured the real economy, that understood the ultimate importance of infrastructure ,which was why Italy had a state owned engineering company! This was before the entire apparatus of Empire turned on Africa`s dream to modernize, before the advent of anti-human `environmentalism` and the Washington Consensus that put regime change and the IMF`s Structural Adjustment Programs as the gatekeepers of Henry Kissinger`s NSSM 200. This was before the systematic destruction of sovereign nation states and before the systematic assassination of any African leader who attempted the industrialization of their country. And before Africans were trapped into eviscerating debt, in which they are still drowning!

Congolese opposition to Transaqua is most vocal from exiles living in France and Belgium, like the voice of Boniface Musavuli.[3]Why would that be? The diaspora are frequently used in regime change operations . The European universities where members of the diaspora study, indoctrinate as well as educate. In the case of France, `La Rive Gauche` coming from the Sorbonne and the ideology of romanticism, has reduced France`s technological capacity to a sad remnant of the past when Concorde broke the sound barrier and the Aerotrain, the world`s first and only hovertrain, threatened to become the cutting edge of land-based public transport.

The ideology of France`s Arcadian fields has finally led to the Yellow Vest movement because households, where one or even both parents are in full time employment, are still unable to pay the monthly bills!

Remuneration for depopulation

Opposition to Transaqua are calling for that same  Arcadian`rural bliss` for Congo! They demand the preservation of the Congo River Basin in its present state of complete and utter un-development! To preserve the peat lands as carbon sinks is insanity but then the government have opted for the substantial Green pay cheque that is on offer from the World Bank and IMF, remuneration for depopulation. We already have Arcadia in Congo and it stinks almost as badly as King Leopold II. Well, it would because it issues from the same feudal system.

Here is a story to put into context the notion that Transaqua is water theft from Congo…..

A man comes to you and says, dear friend, me and my other friends want to bring you into our project. It will benefit all of us, but for you in particular, it means this: You contribute a small part of your river water (x percent, perhaps), and in return, the project as a whole will give you the ability to use the rest of your water to greater advantage—all of your existing uses, plus water for industrial uses, water for cities that you should build, domestically generated hydro-electric power, and jobs for a good many of your people.

And what is your answer? Are you saying that no, we don’t want your stinkin’ electricity, your manufacturing, your cities? That we don’t want no stinkin’ jobs? Are you saying that you must have ALL of your water, so you can sit on the river bank and watch it flow into the ocean, while you sit there and repeat, “Mine, all mine”?

Has it not occurred to you that you could even turn off the taps if you really had a beef with your project partners at any time?

Transaqua IS about power, electrification, the power to develop!

Development on a massive scale is the only way any African country will eliminate poverty. Producing electricity, enough for industry and every single household is the only way Congo and the riparian Transaqua states will raise the standard of living, significantly.

Low intensity war in the east of DRC and elsewhere ,has created food insecurity on an horrific scale, second worst in the world. Food shortage in Congo is absurd, simply absurd in a country where there is abundant water and some of the world`s most fertile land and a climate that is perfect for agriculture. And yet opposition to Transaqua believe in scarcity, water wars and Limits to Growth! Do they understand that their indoctrination comes straight from the Club of Rome ? That was  explained at a Heartland Institute conference by Paul Driessen, author of Eco Imperialism: Green Power, Black Death [4]

The Sahel is a hotbed of insurgency. It is the next international excuse for R2P and what is cynically defined as `humanitarian` intervention. Fake Islamic terrorism is on the rise in Africa. With Syria lost, the Empire is once again in search of new enemies! In Somalia, Congo, Mozambique and Nigeria terrorist insurgents are active. Thinly disguised as Islamic extremists they are doing what they do best, making development impossible and making government unpopular. Ironically, Muammar Gadhafi was transforming Libya through advanced water systems with the aim of greening the desert, just as the great Kwame Nkrumah dreamt of.

Boko Haram were very nearly defeated by the Buhari administration and yet they are back. The resurgence coincides with the remarkable mega-infrastructure projects that are being accomplished by Buhari`s administration. These transformative development projects include neighbours like Niger, where poverty is acute. As Buhari once said : Nigeria is not an island and we cannot prosper while our neighbours remain in poverty. Boko Haram continues to make life and progress difficult in northern Nigeria.

As Mohammed Bila of the Lake Chad Basin Commission explained in a conference held by the Schiller Institute, Central Africa`s instability will never be resolved until Lake Chad is refilled.[5]

With a recent discovery of natural gas in northern Mozambique which will bring development to a previously war-ridden region that only has one access road the EN1, recently re-surfaced, came the terrorist insurgents. Who, we ask ourselves, who are these great enemies of development?

The report by Water-Alternatives leads one to ask, why is Transaqua being discussed at this time and being given a negative image (again)? Are they worried they won`t get their new ISIS proxy army on the ground in the Sahel? Are they worried that the development and infrastructure projects of Nigeria and Egypt will bring about regional peace and security and worst of all for them, make the progress of Transaqua easier?

Egypt has even recently begun a nuclear power program in collaboration with Rosatom of Russia in an admirable effort to secure energy sovereignty.

The Water Alternatives report made a very obvious omission of one particle source of information on Transaqua, apart from a brief and somewhat derogatory mention. Lawrence Freeman with his life time of experience on African development and his outspoken ill regard for the destructive policies of the IMF, is widely regarded as the champion of Transaqua. As Vice Chairman of the Lake Chad Basin Scientific Committee , Mr Freeman was the key speaker at the historic Abuja Conference in 2018. He is well known in Nigeria, Sudan, Ghana and several other African countries where he has, for years, been laying out a roadmap for Africa`s economic transformation based on Alexander Hamilton`s credit system. Perhaps it is the knowledge contained on his website [6]that resulted in its omission from the report?

The report also omitted to source an institute that has been the strongest proponent of Transaqua since its inception  by Bonifica, the Schiller Institute, whose representative at the Abuja Conference, Sébastien Périmony, another political analyst who fights for the development of Africa and who as Vice President of the French political party Solidarite et Progres, argues against France`s neo-colonial policies in Africa. See his article on the Abuja Conference “Déclaration d’Abuja : La Troisième Révolution Africaine est en Marche on this website.

Africa does not have time for negative discourse about meaningful and transformative development projects. Mega construction is what is needed to leap frog African economies into the Space Age.

As this writer once wrote, if you do indeed love the idea of elliminating poverty in Africa, if you do really love Africa…….. love Transaqua.





[3a] Response to the above article from Jacques Cheminade





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