Genocide in Gaza

Source: vanessa beeley

Genocide in Gaza

21 October

War Crimes—Russia Called Nazi For Not Supporting Israel – UK Column News – 20th October 2023 –

UN Press: Security Council Fails to Adopt Resolution Calling for Humanitarian Pauses in Israel-Gaza Crisis on Account of Veto by United States

– Mediaite: Israeli Ambassador Denies Gaza ‘Humanitarian Crisis’

– Yanis Varoufakis: List of war crimes and crimes qualifying as genocide committed by Israel in Gaza between 7th and 14th October 2023

– United Nations: Gaza: UN experts decry bombing of hospitals and schools as crimes against humanity, call for prevention of genocide

– RT International: Oldest Orthodox church in Gaza damaged by ‘Israeli strike’

– Al Jazeera: ‘A second Nakba’: Echoes of 1948, as Israel orders Palestinians to leave

– CGTN: Over 3000 dead in latest Palestinian-Israeli conflict

– Meagan Brown (on X): “Amir Weitmann, head of Israel’s ruling Likud Party, promises revenge on Russia for insufficient support of Israel in an unhinged live RT interview“ – China Daily: Xi says win-win cooperation is sure way to success in launching major initiatives

– UK Column Interview: Understanding Gaza, under fire and under siege

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