Former Australian ambassador John Lander: The fiction of the China ‘threat’

The Western world no longer has minds of this calibre representing Western governments nor as representatives or those working for the UN or UN agencies. The Western political sphere has been infected from the WEF with a materialistic, war-mongering, green anti-human mentality that inverts truth and reason.

Source: Australian Citizens Party

Former Ambassador John Lander is warning that Australia is being manipulated into becoming a US proxy against China.

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‘If we want Peace, we must prepare for Peace’ This is a re-recording of a very important speech by former Australian Ambassador John Lander to the Wesley Uniting Church in Melbourne on 1 May 2022. Veteran diplomat John Lander was Australia’s Deputy Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China in 1974-76, when Australia first established diplomatic relations with the nation that is now its largest trading partner. He was Australia’s first Ambassador to the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1985-88. John Lander delivered this speech in response to Australian Defence Minister Peter Dutton’s 25 April 2022 claim that Australia is showing it wants peace by preparing for war.

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