Fmr President Kabila’s Side picks guns and joins M23 to fight Congo

top comment:  “Rwanda and Congo had good relations during a Hutu led regimes, just like Burundi right now. Current Tutsi regime of Kagame had conflicts with all their neighbours. So Its not rocket science that Hutu should take power in Rwanda to end Great lakes Conflicts. Tutsi cannot live in peace with anyone. While Bantu leadership in Tanzania, Burundi, Zambia and DRC want to live and interact peacefully, Western backed Nilotic leaderships in Rwanda and Uganda are dictatorships and always find a reason to start war.”

1 Apr 2024

Alliance Fleuve Congo leader Corneille Nangaa appeared in Military fatigues alongside M23 rebels in Kiwanja in Rutshuru. Promises to lead Rwanda-backed M23 rebels to capture Kinshasa.

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