Extending the New Silk Road to West Asia and Africa

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Extending the New Silk Road to West Asia and Africa

Hussein Askary and Jason Ross join LaRouchePAC’s Matthew Ogden for a discussion the vision for an economic renaissance in West Asia and Africa contained in a groundbreaking Schiller Institute report, which will challenge everything you think you know about the region.

Africa is now neither a “lost” nor a “hopeless” continent; and West Asia is not fated to suffer unceasing religious conflict. Rather, the combined region of Africa and West Asia stands to see the world’s greatest economic gains over the next two generations, and the evolving financial and strategic situation there sharply encapsulates the change in paradigm now dawning in the world.

The United States must join this new paradigm, and LaRouchePAC’s 2018 election platform is the way to do it!

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