Ethiopia: 25 Billion Trees Planted in 4 Years!

Ethiopia Setting New Global Standards for the Environment

National Flower of Ethiopia

by PD Lawton 13 July 2023

Ethiopia continues to set exemplary environmental standards for the world with its Green Legacy Initiative. This national project was created by the government of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to rectify the environmental damage caused by decades of extreme poverty, that has seen upto 95% of ancient forests cut down in some areas.

In the past, Ethiopians have had to resort to cutting down ancient forests for cooking fuel but now  the country is being supplied with electricity by the first mega energy project in East Africa, the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam ( GERD), which is providing both energy for the national economy and safe-guarding Ethiopia`s ancient forests.

In the past 4 years, Ethiopians have planted 25 billion trees. A further 25 billion will be planted over the coming 4 years.

On 7th July, 500 million trees were planted across the country in just one day. This was to kick start this year`s target of 6.5 billion trees.

Residents of Addis have already noticed the benefits of the project and report that the air is sweeter. Across the wheat growing regions, it is reported that rainfall is already increasing due to the effect of dramatically increased tree cover, which is increasing wheat harvests.

Source: Addis Media Network – English


13 July 2023



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