Energy Highways Uniting East and Southern African States !

this is a really positive promotional video by the Kenyan transmission company. Great idea to get the public motivated and proud of all the transformative infrastructure projects that are being achieved! The southern African electricity pool is now connecting to the east African electricity pool, connecting South Africa to Zambia to Kenya to Tanzania to Ethiopia. ELECTRICITY/ENERGY IS THE POWER TO DEVELOP ECONOMIES

Source: Kenya Electricity Transmission Company Limited

Kenya – Tanzania Interconnector Project

23 Feb 2021

KETRACO has started an online TV channel dubbed KETRACO Live, that will highlight our projects and their benefits to the Country and beyond. The channel will also document the day-to-day activities of the project implementers and the people behind the KETRACO brand. Our premiere project is the 96km 400kV Kenya – Tanzania Interconnector line from Isinya to Namanga. The project is part of a larger Kenya – Tanzania – Zambia interconnector project that is expected to connect the East African Power Pool to the Southern Africa Power Pool, hence facilitating power trade.

Enjoy your watch and stay tuned for more exciting episodes!

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