Energy Absurdities

“It is totally non-constructive because so many of these policies that are being put in place are based on pure propaganda like that ( food shortage in war-torn, non agriculturally mechanized Somalia being blamed on Climate Change). Blaming everything that is literally on Earth on this trace element that is in the atmosphere – CO2”

“Hydrogen is a secondary Greenhouse Gas and its by products are Greenhouse Gases”

“And what about the infrastructure for green hydrogen? We will literally need trillions and trillions of dollars in new investment in new infrastructure”

Source: Hugo Kruger

2 November 2023

In conversation with David Blackmon.

David Blackmon is an energy-related public policy analyst/consultant based in Mansfield, TX. David enjoyed a 40-year career in the oil and gas industry, the last 23 years of which were spent in the public policy arena, managing regulatory and legislative issues for various companies. During this time, David led numerous industry-wide efforts to address a variety of issues at the local, state and federal level, and from April 2010 through June 2012, he served as the Texas State Lead for America’s Natural Gas Alliance. David also maintains a growing media communications practice, and is a frequent guest on television, radio and podcast

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