End Famine, Back Independent Family Farming- Build a New Economic System

Source: Schiller Institute

End Famine, Back Independent Family Farming—Build a New Economic System


This new 17-minute video gives excerpts from eight farm, health and other participants—North America, Africa, Europe—at the Sept. 5-6, 2020 Schiller Institute Conference, “War Drive Towards Armageddon—Or a New Paradigm Among Sovereign Nations United by the Common Aims of Mankind?”
Famine is spreading worldwide, at the same time as the transnational, financialized food production and trade system is ruining independent, family-scale farming.
Add to this the impact of COVID-19, and the necessity is clear, for a new economic system, as well as emergency action for food and health.
This has been a focus of discussion at a series of international conferences by the Schiller Institute since April, with the aim of seeing these and all strategic security matters on the agenda of an emergency summit of the major powers, at the earliest possible time.
In the U.S., cattlemen are in the forefront of defending the principle of independent producers, the principle of the right of all people to nutritious food, and the necessity of breaking up the food cartels and their Wall Street/City of London controllers.
Spokesmen on this video are ranchers from Colorado, Kansas and South Dakota.
Speakers include: Bob Baker, Schiller Institute Agriculture Liaison
Marcia Merry Baker, EIR Editorial Board
Nicole Pfrang, Kansas Cattlemen’s Association, Secretary-Treasurer
Marlette Kyssama-Nsona, Republic of Congo, Panafrican League UMOJA
Ron Wieczorek, South Dakota cattleman, 2018 candidate for U.S. Congress
Mike Callicrate, Colorado/Kansas cattleman, Ranch Foods Direct
Paul Gallagher, EIR Editorial Board
Helga Zepp LaRouche, Founder and Chairman, Schiller Institute
Watch the whole conference here, see Panel IV for “Building Trust in International Relations: The Role of Classical Culture and Combating World Famine” https://schillerinstitute.com/blog/20…

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