Does ice and snow in the North mean global cooling?

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The climate of the last hundred years has been generally benevolent, productive and peaceful, with less extreme weather than the previous few centuries. I expect this to continue on the whole. The problems of 2023 will not come from the climate but from politics. For some reason I cannot explain, countries worldwide seem to be cursed by the most stupid politicians in history.

Does ice and snow in the North mean global cooling?

by Andrew Kenny, 1 Jan 2023

This year ended with unusual cold in the USA and other parts of the Northern Hemisphere. There has been record cold at places all over America and Canada. Snow, ice, and blizzards have killed over 70 people in the USA – the New York city of Buffalo accounted for 37 of them. I have long predicted that, if the Sun remains quiet, there will be some global cooling, and the year 2100 will be about half a degree Centigrade colder than now. Does the snow and ice in America confirm my prediction?

No. The cold weather events in Northern America are no more a sign of global cooling than the warm weather events of the European summer were a sign of global warming. I was making a general prediction about the heat balance of the planet, not a detailed prediction about a particular region. It is impossible to make an accurate prediction more than a month in the future about any specific part of the world. What rainfall will the Western Cape have in 2025? I’ve no idea, nor has anyone else.

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