Common currency, expansion : top discussions at BRICS FMs summit in Cape Town, South Africa

“They ( the Atlantic/NATO bloc) are building exclusive circles to suppress and contain the development of China and other developing countries. Essentially they do not want to allow the developing countries to achieve development or economic prosperity. This is in sharp contrast to what the BRICS is doing to be self-strengthening.” – Ma Zhaoxo, China`s Vice Foreign Minister

“BRICS symbolizes the evolution of the multipolar world” – Sergei Lavrov

Source: CGTN

Foreign ministers from the BRICS group of major emerging economies on their last day of meetings in Cape Town, South Africa, put up a show of unity as they met. The two-day meeting laid the groundwork for the upcoming summit in South Africa. The leaders meeting in August is expected to be one of the most important as the bloc opens its doors to other countries and looks at alternative trading currencies to the U.S. dollar.

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