Chilling News for Obama

Chilling News for Obama

Africans are making fridges

An employee from the local community working on the fridge assembly line of the new Hisense factory in Atlantis, Cape Town

In 2013 former President Obama visited South Africa, during which time he announced to Africans that the planet would boil over if their living standards rose.In brief he told Africans that if their economies developed in line with the USA and people could afford fridges, air con, cars and big houses then we would all die.

The press at the time did not have a hissy-fit at his desultory and racist comments.Obama, in other words wants Africans to live in shacks or even better, mud houses.He wants Africa to remain full of `shithole` countries without fridges.

Unfortunately for Obama and his Wall Street and City of London buddies, China has an entirely different approach when it comes to Africa. China is genuinely fighting poverty in Africa and is doing that by raising the standard of living. China wants Africans to all have fridges, transport and decent housing. And they are solving this problem by creating jobs.

The municipality of Atlantis is on the outskirts of Cape Town. During apartheid it was a dumping ground for Cape Coloureds ( South Africans of Malaysian ancestry). Atlantis has extreme unemployment, lack of housing and a severe drugs epidemic.Presumably few families in Atlantis have nice big fridges, let alone American-style fridge-freezers, air-con, fancy cars or big houses.

With Chinese investment, a new factory has opened in Atlantis which makes fridges,air-con units and TVs. It employs 500 people, 98% of whom are from the local community.The chilling news for Obama is that this factory makes 250,000 fridges a year, all of which are exported to African countries.

Go chill Obama, Africa is developing.

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