Burundi Banned the BBC

Burundi Banned the BBC

President Pierre Nkurunziza


Burundi may be a geographically small country but they are a giant among nations.Their most recent act of defiance against the hypocritical imperial empire was to indefinitely ban the BBC and to suspend Voice of America. The BBC called it a blow to press freedom.

The administration of President Pierre Nkurunziza is one of Africa`s most courageous governments.

Despite the embargoes placed on the country by the UN, EU and UK, President Nkurunziza`s government has done amazing things to alleviate poverty in the country and develop the economy.Burundi is a participant in the Belt and Road Initiative and are part of the transformation that the BRI will bring to the Great Lakes region through investment in the physical economy.

The sanctions against Burundi are hindering economic development and are a show of massive hypocrisy. The sanctions are imposed on the grounds of the usual `humanitarian` narrative of good governance, press freedom and human rights, a narrative which has shown itself to be shallow.

A Western backed coup very nearly deposed Nkurunziza`s government in 2016 as the country was laid seige to by the UN over alleged human rights abuses. Russia took the side of the Burundian government and thankfully the government is still in power. The popularity of Nkurunziza`s government was shown in the unfaltering support given it by the nation and the military during this shameful episode.

Burundi has withdrawn from the ICC, very few African countries have had the guts to do that.

If only the Burundian people knew how many people in the UK would cheer to know that the BBC was banned. A mandatory audio-visual liscence fee has the British tax payer paying for the state broadcaster`s propoganda and lies.

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