BRI`s Flagship Project in Pakistan Shows Human Creativity Can Solve Energy Needs

BRI`s Flagship Project in Pakistan Shows Human Creativity Can Solve Energy Needs

Pakistan have inauguarated their Sahiwal Coal Fired Power Plant which is no ordinary coal fired plant. Sahiwal is AMAZING ! It emits almost zero sulphur dioxide. By locking in the SO2 with the calcium in gypsum Sahiwal provides cheap and clean coal-fired energy in a state of the art process that effectively removes all toxicity.

Sahiwal proves that it is possible to produce LOW COST electricity that is environmentally friendly.

This incredible project has been designed and constructed by China Huaneng Group ,which is a state-owned electricity utility and jointly financed by them and Shandong Ruyi . The consortium financed 20% of the cost and 80% was credit extended by the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China which is China`s largest state-owned commercial bank.

With Pakistan`s demand for electricity expected to rise by 50% in the next 25 years, Sahiwal and more projects like it are essential. Sahiwal already provides 10% of Pakistan`s entire energy needs and will soon reach 25%. China produces two thirds of its electricity from coal which is supplying the energy requirements of the world`s largest economy.

Prior to Sahiwal`s construction, Pakistan had severe power shortages and frequent load shedding. Typical of the Chinese, the plant took just 22 months to build! This was achieved by working 24/7, around the clock. What an achievement!

Sahiwal is the Belt and Road`s flagship project along the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) which is a planned series of infrastructure projects to modernize and industrialize Pakistan. Sahiwal is the vital energy infrastructure project which , by providing cheap electricity, will transform Pakistan both economically and socially.

Shanghai Electric designed the generator, boiler and turbines for Sahiwal which is another AMAZING thing China always does, they share their latest technology with other countries and it also happens to be the most high-tech best technology in the world today!

This is a video from CGTN covering Sahiwal`s opening day. It is really enjoyable! You get to experience the optimism that this project has brought to Pakistan. The workers interviewed , both Pakistani and Chinese, are really proud, really happy and so optimistic. They talk with great pride about the facility and the level of technology and quality. They also talk about living and working together in what comes across as a really great atmosphere! Enjoy:

Source: CGTN

Highlights of the China-Pakistan Sahiwal Power Plant Project

Streamed live 2 hours ago

Chinese and Pakistani media have been invited to witness the fruitful outcome of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. Join us live to watch the flagship project, the Sahiwal Coal-fired Power Plant. It uses the world’s most efficient, reliable and environmental-friendly supercritical technology. The project is expected to fulfill roughly 1/4 of Pakistan’s electricity shortfall, and plays a significant role in increasing local employment. Let’s see how the project improves people’s living condition and helps with Pakistan’s social and economic development.


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