‘Are We Actually Governed by Lunatics?’

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This editorial appears in the September 30, 2022 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

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‘Are We Actually Governed by Lunatics?’

Sept. 24—For once, a European mainstream publication has written the truth! Weltwoche, a Swiss weekly news magazine, published an online editorial September 23, under the title, “Are We Actually Governed by Lunatics?” Pointing to President Joe Biden, German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock and Swiss President Ignazio Cassis, the publisher and editor-in-chief of Weltwoche, Roger Köppel wrote:

The more the Americans and the Europeans get caught up in their feverish spiral of aggression, the longer and more globally and more dangerous this war will become.

To get out of the quagmire, he says, Europe would have to—

restrain the Biden administration, set limits to the Ukrainians with their camera-toting charismatic President Zelensky, who could yet fall ill with the Messiah syndrome. Risking a world war against Russia is madness. Peace negotiations are called for…. Geopolitically, they have let it come to a nuclear war against Russia, not because Putin is crazy, but because they do not take the Russians seriously, probably also under deep-seated racist prejudices, treating them disparagingly, whistle at their interests, while one puts one’s own interest—power-hungry and self-intoxicated—above everything.

Meanwhile, with the Doomsday Clock now only seconds before midnight, the military, the media, and the U.S. and British political leadership rant that it is all Russia’s fault. It is obvious to the entire world that President Putin means exactly what he says, when he states that once the referenda are completed, Moscow will quickly accept all four oblasts into the Russian Federation. With that, any military assault on one or more of the new states of Russia will be viewed as a foreign invasion of the motherland, and the Russian military will respond. As is clearly articulated in the nuclear posture of the Russian Federation, if the existence of the motherland is threatened, the use of nuclear weapons may be used.

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