Africa`s Brilliant Future

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Extending the New Silk Road to West Asia and Africa

A new Schiller Institute strategic report by Hussein Askary and Jason Ross

Are you ready for the coming economic renaissance in Africa and West Asia? Stay ahead of the curve with the the Schiller Institute’s new ground breaking report, “Extending the New Silk Road to West Asia and Africa,” which will challenge everything you think you know about Africa. The world has changed. Africa is now neither a “lost” nor a “hopeless” continent; and West Asia is not fated to suffer unceasing religious conflict. Rather, the combined region of Africa and West Asia stands to see the world’s greatest economic gains over the next two generations, and the evolving financial and strategic situation there sharply encapsulates the change in paradigm now dawning in the world. This report, by Hussein Askary and Jason Ross, takes up the tremendous changes already underway, and the thinking required to fully unlock the region’s immense potential. If you want to know how to create a worldwide economic renaissance, this report is for you!

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