A Western Journalist killed in South Sudan

A Western Journalist killed in South Sudan

by africanagenda.net

A young American journalist was killed last week on the 27 August by South Sudanese government forces near the Ugandan border of South Sudan. His name was Christopher Allen.


His death is tragic and unfortunate and so are the deaths of the 2 government soldiers and 16 rebels that were killed in the firefight. All of these deaths are unnecessary and tragic for all the families concerned who will be mourning the loss of fathers, brothers, husbands and sons.

But there are no good guys in this story and no bad guys. The government of Salva Kiir and the rebels under opposition leader Riek Machar are both constructs of Empire in Africa.

Salva Kiir became president in 2011 and one of his first acts of the new South Sudan was to hand over nearly 50% of the oil rights to Rothschild`s Glencore, kingpin extractive industry of Empire`s hub, the City of London.


It does not take imagination to see this as payment for Empire`s role in funding and arming John Garang`s SPLA. Garang probably undererstimated the malevolence of his benefactors . He, for his part, had a genuine mission to improve the lot of his people. He was assasinated in a helicopter crash. The helicopter was owned by Pres. Museveni.

South Sudan has been at civil war which is described as a tribal conflict between Nuer and Dinka.

Such an anthropological dissection of society is itself one of Empire`s constructs and has been the modus operandii of warfare in Africa for at least half a century. It is a strategy of war written about in a book called Gangs and Counter-Gangs by Frank Kitson; a strategy first used to full effect in Kenya during the Mau-Mau Rebellion of the 1950s . The strategy is simple – divide and rule.

Once again Riek Machar is being used as the tool to continue South Sudan`s destabilization, to justify Western soft power disguised as humanitarian intervention.Quite why he is being used to topple Salva Kiir is not clear. Salva Kir has perhaps been looking East towards China and Russia instead of West.

Ealier this year the government raised foreign aid workers permits from $100 to $10 000


There are 2 ways of looking at this. The government could be profiting from international aid as famine once again threatens the region and an influx of aid workers is expected.Or this is the government`s attempt to reduce foreign intervention from the humanitarian soft power complex. The Democratic Republic of Congo has begun refusing visas for Washington`s humanitarian aid workers many of whom can be regarded as spies and trouble makers, an act which is highly commendable. Jason Stearns had his visa denied last year as did Human Rights Watch journalist, Ida Sawyer.


As to the role of the young journalist, it is unfortunate that he was so mis-guided. He was also in the Ukraine as a journalist. Ukrainians now find themselves with a government of facist Nazis who are CIA tools and puppets. The story of Ukraine is similar to that of so many African countries, Libya to mention just one.How much longer can the fake liberal American missionary -like zeal for intervening in other countries, fool itself?

Unfortunately for the multitude of well meaning people world-wide fighting for human rights in Africa is really not what it appears to be. We leave you with the definitive article on this subject written by journalist Keith Harmon Snow and titled EXPOSING U.S. AGENTS OF LOW-INTENSITY WARFARE IN AFRICA The “Policy Wonks” Behind Covert Warfare & Humanitarian Fascism


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