A New Hope for Africa – Nicholas Jones

the New Paradigm in Africa, an excellent presentation of what is happening now, as Africa transforms into a continent of peace, beauty and happiness

Source: Rising Tide Foundation

A New Hope for Africa – Nicholas Jones

8 December 2019

Is China’s expansion into Africa just another colonial debt trap which western geopoliticians claim, or are there practical and moral benefits which aim to uplift, liberate and enoble this long-abused continent? In this 5th presentation which occured in the Rising Tide Foundation-sponsored seminar “The Art of Peace: The New Silk Road Counters an Age of Turbulence”, Nicholas Jones (dancer with La Grande Ballet de Montreal, Instructor with Anno’s Africa and Artistic Adviser to the Rising Tide Foundation), takes you through the explosive rate of development which has occurred over only 2 generations in China and how this model is re-shaping the lives and hopes of a new generation of Africans.

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