A New Day for Nuclear Energy: Might Africa Lead the Way?

Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) – is this the answer? Imagine : Lagos to Dakar linked by SMRs cooled by sea water and powering the West African Economic Community…Highly informative interview with two South African nuclear technology experts

Source: Cornwall Alliance for The Stewardship of Creation

A New Day for Nuclear Energy: Might Africa Lead the Way?

17 Feb 2021

Although nuclear energy has the best safety record of any energy technology, environmental activists have persuaded much of the public in the developed world that nuclear is unsafe. Consequently, regulators require multiple, excessive layers of safety in nuclear plant design that needlessly boost costs—and lawsuits by opponents to nuclear construction add more costs.

The arrival of safe, inexpensive, “small modular reactors,” or SMRs, is a game changer for energy production all over the world, perhaps especially for Africa, which has the opportunity to leapfrog over earlier technologies and provide abundant, affordable, reliable, safe electricity for its developing economy. With us to discuss this are Dr. Kelvin Kemm a nuclear physicist and CEO of Nuclear Africa (Pty) Ltd, a project management company based in Pretoria, South Africa, and Knox Msebenzi, Knox Msebenzi is an electrical engineer and Managing Director of the Nuclear Industry Association of South Africa, in Johannesburg.

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