A Hamiltonian Solution for Africa (RTF Lecture with Lawrence Freeman)

A Hamiltonian Solution for Africa (RTF Lecture with Lawrence Freeman)

Source: Rising Tide Foundation

In this Rising Tide Foundation presentation, Lawrence Freeman (President of Africa and the World and leading Africa expert), breaks from this cynical mode of thinking by providing a comprehensive overview of Africa from pre-colonial times to the present- and always with a strong view to the future.

In conducting this exercise, Lawrence uses his five plus decades of experience as an activist, government advisor, teacher and economist to help his audience gain a greater appreciation of the beautiful African traditions which have consciously been scrubbed out of historic memory. Furthermore, Lawrence explains how imperialism has continued to persist through the past 75 tumultuous post-WWII years, even though the world has been led to believe that African nations are somehow “free and independent”.

Even though courageous visionaries such as Kwame Nkrumah, Patrice Lumumba and Sheik Ante Diop strove to bring Africa into the modern age with the support of great republican presidents like Franklin Roosevelt and John F Kennedy, the systems of empire that stained human history with slavery, war and colonialism successfully de-railed their efforts and re-absorbed the continent back under the controls of exploitation and economic colonialism which must be corrected if humanity will regain the moral fitness to survive into the 21st century and beyond.

Disabused of the myth that Africa’s problems are somehow “self-induced”, Lawrence then brings his audience to a higher understanding of the real potential for Africa. This is done by painting a beautiful picture of the possibilities for a new African renaissance which China’s Belt and Road Initiative has created involving a holistic approach to value, long term planning, self-interest, win-win cooperation and respect for sovereignty than anything emanating from the west since the death of President John F. Kennedy in 1963. Lawrence’s website is: http://lawrencefreemanafricaandthewor…

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  1. DR Freeman thanks for explaining more about away of breakthrough on development of Africa as continent.

    Thanks for African Agenda trusting in leaders like Dr Freeman.

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