Western Media Narrative on Ethiopia is a Complete Lie!

“In my opinion, of course, it is a proxy war. They are trying to give a picture that it is a civil war, they are trying to accuse the Ethiopian leadership and the Ethiopian army of so-called executions and closing the eyes of the real executions that are happening with the TPLF bandits. They are trying to give some kind of legitimacy to the TPLF by putting them as fighters, rebels who want to fight for human rights, who want to fight injustice and so on. But we can see that this is completely fake.”

Source: Addis Media Network-English


16 Dec 2021

In an exclusive interview with Addis Media Network, Mikhail Gamandiy-Egorov, Russian Journalist and Host of the Africa-Russian Axis Blog said the Western Media are losing public legitimacy around the World following their frequent fake news stories against countries who stood in contrary of their geo-political interests.

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