Violent, Criminal Attack on the eKhenana Occupation

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Violent, Criminal Attack on the eKhenana Occupation

Tuesday, 28 July 2020
Abahlali baseMjondolo Press Statement

Violent, Criminal Attack in the eKhenana Occupation

Today, at 10:00 am, the eThekwini Municipality launched a violent, criminal attack on the eKhenana Occupation in Cato Manor.

The residents of this occupation are protected by a court order that was granted on 27 December last year, and then reaffirmed on 24 April this year after the municipality repeated attacked the settlement in violation of the court order, the Constitution, the law and the lockdown regulations. 

The ANC has waged an all-out war on this occupation. There have been regular armed attacks, all illegal, by the City since 2008. On 13 February last year the local ANC councillor Mzimuni Ngiba attempted to violently take control of the occupation. On 14 April last year Siyabonga Mngadi, a comrade on the occupation, was shot by an unidentified man. On 10 November last year 24 women were arrested and detained by the police. At the same time three comrades were injured during an attack by the Metro Police and the Anti-Land Invasion Unit and had to be admitted to hospital. Landu Tshazi was shot in the testicles at point blank range.

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Violent, Criminal Attack on the eKhenana Occupation

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