Victoire Ingabire: How Curtailed Expression and Fear Undermine Youth Intellectualism in Rwanda

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15 August 2023

In her article, “Lack of Freedom of Expression and Fear of Retribution Stifle Critical Thinking among Young Rwandans,” Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza highlights the challenges faced by the youth in Rwanda. Returning to her homeland from exile in 2010, she faced politically motivated legal proceedings and was imprisoned for eight years before being released in 2018. Despite government efforts to promote youth development, many young Rwandans believe that success relies more on personal connections than on hard work or educational opportunities. With the majority of the population aged below 30, the potential of the youth is vital for Rwanda’s progress. However, constrained by factors like limited access to finance and uneven employment opportunities, many youths struggle to make a substantial impact. The government’s focus on urban areas and insufficient policies for youth development exacerbate these issues. The lack of freedom of expression due to political suppression adds to the challenge, hindering critical thinking and innovation. Umuhoza calls for governance reforms to enable the youth to exercise their rights and contribute positively to Rwanda’s development, emphasizing that inclusive dialogue and sustainable change are essential.


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